What Does a Confinement Lady Do?

Bringing a newborn baby into the world is a joyous experience, but it can also be a challenging time for new parents. The postnatal period, or confinement period, can be especially difficult, as parents navigate the challenges of caring for a new baby while also recovering from childbirth.

Bringing a newborn baby into the world is a joyous experience, but it can also be a challenging time for new parents.

The postnatal period, or confinement period, can be especially difficult, as parents navigate the challenges of caring for a new baby while also recovering from childbirth.

That’s where a confinement nanny comes in!

In this article, we’ll explore what a confinement nanny does, and how PEM can help your family find the right one.

What is a Confinement Nanny?

confinement nanny with new born baby and family members

Have you ever wondered what a confinement nanny service is? Or maybe what kind of services do they offer postnatal mothers? To answer these questions, a confinement nanny in Singapore is an experienced professional who underwent a specialised series of training and workshops to further enhance their skills in taking care of both a mother and a newborn baby. 

The need to hire a confinement nanny after childbirth comes from the practice of postnatal confinement in many Asian cultures. In Chinese culture, postnatal confinement comes with a series of traditional practices that are dedicated to helping new mothers recover smoothly from delivery. During the confinement period, mothers are not encouraged to exert themselves. Hence, most families would hire confinement nannies to care for the mother and the newborn.

Chinese confinement usually lasts for a month, but it can be longer, up to 40 days for some, depending on the mother’s health condition. Confinement nannies are usually employed by families right after a mother gives birth. While there are confinement centres in Singapore where mothers stay for a month to recover, generally, most mothers prefer stay-in nannies who take care of them and their babies in the comforts of their homes.

To have a better understanding of what a confinement nanny is, a good place to start is by knowing their roles on your postnatal recovery journey. And from there, you may arrange other details, such as when and where to hire one, and how to manage your cost when you engage with a confinement nanny.

What Does a Confinement Nanny Do?

Engaging with a confinement nanny after delivery can significantly speed up your recovery, as well as improve your bond with your baby and spouse. This is because the nanny will take care of all of your and your baby’s needs, thus you can rest without distractions and spend your time on what matters.

Although your confinement nanny will only be around to assist you during the confinement period (typically for 28 days), the helpful tips and advice that you learn from her will benefit you and your baby for years to come. These guides will be useful, especially when you are a first-time mom.

Here are the ways a confinement nanny in Singapore helps with your recovery:

  • 24-hour Baby Care: Your newborn baby will require extra care and attention during the first month after birth, but this is also the time when your body needs the most rest. With a confinement nanny, you can rest assured that your baby gets the best care around the clock. She will help you with day and nighttime feeding, changing diapers, helping your baby to sleep, bathing your baby, and keeping track of your baby’s feeding log.
  • Confinement Food: After delivery, your body needs sufficient nutrition from food to fully recover. A confinement nanny will prepare nutritious and properly cooked foods for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the month. After your meals, she will do basic cleaning to keep your kitchen clean as well.
  • Breastfeeding Guidance: Breast milk is the best source of nutrition to help your little one grow healthily. Confinement nannies are professionally trained to guide and support you on your breastfeeding journey.
  • Confinement Herbal Tonics: Aside from confinement meals, your confinement nanny will be brewing red date tea and herbal tonics for you daily. The nourishing ingredients in these confinement herbal tonics are effective in helping you improve the “qi” and your immune system.
  • Confinement Bath: Other than taking care of your diet during confinement, take a confinement herbal bath to speed up your recovery. These herbs help you to dispel “wind”, stimulate blood circulation, ease birth pain, and relax. Your confinement nanny will prepare confinement bathing herbs for you during bathtime.

Laundry & Domestic Chores: A confinement nanny keeps your home clean and organised by helping with your and your baby’s laundry and basic domestic chores. For laundry, your nanny can help with washing, hanging, and folding the clothes. Meanwhile, she will also help sweep and mop the floor to keep your house tidy.

Is There A Need To Hire A Confinement Nanny?

Many new mothers decide on whether to get a confinement nanny based on the support they have around them. For example, a mother might not engage with a confinement lady if she lives with an experienced elderly, if she has a helper, or if her spouse can be at home during confinement. 

In case you are wondering, “Should I get a confinement nanny?”, the answer is it’s fully optional. That said, opting for one will make your confinement much more enjoyable and relaxing. With a newborn baby at home, you will have significantly more chores and errands to manage. Hence, having a confinement nanny around makes sure you and your baby’s needs are prioritised.

If you are a first-time mom, you are highly encouraged to get a confinement nanny to learn tips and knowledge on baby care. For instance, your confinement nanny can share tips on how to breastfeed, burp, and bathe your newborn baby. You may also learn how to prepare confinement meals and brew herbal tonics from the nanny.

Where To Get Confinement Nanny Services?

The confinement nanny you engage will be handling everything that is directly related to you and your newborn. Hence, it is important that you engage with one who is professional, experienced, and well-trained. One tip is to engage with a confinement nanny from a licensed and well-established confinement nanny agency. To help you decide on which agency to go for, you may look for testimonials from past customers online to know what to expect.

You can enjoy a few advantages by hiring your nanny from a trusted confinement nanny agency. First of all, the service quality and health condition of your nanny will be assured since she is well-trained by the agency and goes through annual medical check-ups. With a reputable confinement nanny agency, your nanny’s arrival will also be guaranteed. Certain confinement nanny agencies even provide free nanny insurance to keep you and your nanny protected.

Tips for Hiring a Confinement Nanny

Professional Care Confinement Nanny

If you’re considering hiring a confinement nanny, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Start your search early

It’s a good idea to start your search for a confinement nanny early to ensure you have enough time to find the right one, especially if you are giving birth soon!

Consider your needs

Think about your family’s specific needs when hiring a confinement nanny.

For example, if you have dietary restrictions, you may want to find a nanny who is experienced in preparing specialised nutritious confinement meals.

Check references

When interviewing potential nannies, be sure to ask for references and follow up with them, especially when it comes to freelance confinement nannies.

This ensures that the nanny has a good reputation and a track record of providing high-quality care.

Look for qualifications

Look for a confinement nanny who has the necessary qualifications and training.

Such qualifications include a Certificate in Infant Care or Confinement Nanny Training.

Consider hiring through an agency

Get rid of the hassle of hiring a freelance confinement nanny!

Hiring through professional confinement agencies helps ensure that you find a qualified, certified and experienced nanny who has the necessary paperwork (like a Confinement Nanny Work Permit) and will be a good fit for your family’s needs.

Some of the benefits of working with PEM

Finding a suitable confinement nanny is easier through confinement nanny agencies

PEM is a trusted confinement nanny agency in Singapore that can help you find the right confinement nanny for your family.

With a team of experienced nannies committed to providing high-quality service, PEM can confidently help you navigate the postnatal period’s challenges.

Access to a pool of experienced nannies

PEM has a pool of experienced, qualified nannies who have undergone extensive training in newborn care and postnatal support.

Customised solutions

PEM works closely with each family to understand their unique needs and preferences and provides customised solutions to meet those needs.

Flexible arrangements

Whether you need a full-time or part-time confinement nanny, PEM can help you find a solution that works for your family’s schedule and budget.

Quality assurance

PEM regularly evaluates their nannies to ensure they provide high-quality care and support to their clients.

Professional support

PEM provides professional support and guidance throughout the confinement period, helping families to navigate the challenges of the postnatal period with confidence.

How To Pay Less For A Good Confinement Nanny?

Getting a good confinement nanny doesn’t have to cost much as long as you do your research and make informed decisions. Here are a few ways for you to manage your spending on confinement nanny service:

  • Compare Prices

First of all, look for at least three different confinement nanny agencies and compare their prices before you book your nanny. Instead of comparing them solely based on prices, compare the services included and any other factors that are likely to cause you to pay more. For example, does the agency help with work permit applications? How much is the levy aside from the package price? Does the agency provide any free replacement in case you are not satisfied with your nanny? Taking all these questions into account will help you make sure you get the best value out of your money.

  • Plan Your EDD

Confinement nanny services tend to cost more during festive seasons like Chinese New Year. To avoid paying extra, you and your partner may consider planning your conception so that you will not be giving birth during the festive seasons. Aside from reducing the cost you spend on confinement nanny service, you can plan ahead on other spending that are related to the confinement nanny service as well. For example, look out for sales of confinement food ingredients, confinement herbs, and herbal bath packets.

  • Opt-Out Services You Don’t Need

Adding on extra services in your confinement nanny service will cost you more on top of the standard rate. Usually, confinement nanny agencies will provide more than just confinement nanny services, including postnatal massage and confinement herbal packages. You can exclude these services if you think you don’t need them. Furthermore, you will likely pay more if you want your confinement nanny to perform extra house chores, such as cooking for other family members.

  • Have A Convenient Work Area For Nanny

Arranging a convenient work area for your nanny will help you save unnecessary costs. For example, if you live in a double-storey house and require your nanny to climb the stairs multiple times a day to perform her tasks, additional charges may apply. One solution you can go for is keeping your nanny’s work area at the ground level only. By temporarily having your room on the ground floor, you don’t have to constantly climb stairs after delivery as well.

  • Evaluate The Need To Extend Your Service

New mothers may extend their confinement nanny service due to different reasons. For some, it could be due to health complications (e.g.: longer recovery period from C-Sec, baby not feeling well). While for others, it may be because they prefer to have longer confinement, or because they are not ready to take care of the baby by themselves yet. Before deciding to extend your confinement nanny service, consider the support you have around you. If you have family members who can help to take care of your baby after the first month, you may be able to extend your service for a shorter period, or not extend it at all.

  • Book With A Reputable Confinement Nanny Agency

Last but not least, you are encouraged to hire your confinement nanny from a trusted confinement nanny agency. If you hire a freelance confinement nanny and happen to not like her service, you would have to pay much more to hire another nanny. With a freelance nanny, you will be missing out on other assurances such as health checkups for the nanny and nanny insurance too.

FAQ On Confinement & Confinement Nanny

Now that you have a better idea of who a confinement nanny is and what she does, let’s look at some of the commonly asked questions to help you make more informed decisions when hiring one:

You should get a confinement nanny if you would like to fully focus on postnatal recovery and spending quality time with your newborn. Our PEM confinement nanny will take care of every aspect that is related to the well-being of you and your newborn, including confinement meal preparation, 24-hour baby care, breastfeeding guidance, herbal tonic and confinement bath preparation, laundry for mom and baby, and more.

The cost of hiring a confinement nanny in Singapore depends on your individual needs. Generally, the more service you require from the nanny, the higher the price you have to pay. Some of the reasons that are likely to increase the price of your confinement nanny service include requesting her to cook for the whole family, giving her additional chores on top of the basic chores, or having her take care of more than one child. Other than that, when looking for a confinement nanny, especially during the festive season, go for a confinement nanny agency that offers fixed prices rather than freelance confinement nannies whose prices are likely to fluctuate.

Postpartum confinement is a traditional practice following childbirth, which is widely practised by new mothers, especially in many Asian cultures. Confinement period usually lasts for a month up to 45 days or more, depending on the needs and health condition of the mother. During the Chinese confinement period, a new mother is encouraged to rest as much as possible to restore her strength, as well as consume nutritious food ingredients such as red dates, pig trotters, and herbal tonics. To ensure the mother’s smooth recovery, it is popular among Singaporean families to hire a confinement nanny to give both mom and baby the best care.

This really depends on you. There are parents who sleep with the baby from the start of the confinement to get used to the baby’s cues. You can opt for your nanny to sleep in the same room as you and your baby, or she can sleep alone in a different room. Alternatively, your nanny could sleep with your baby in a different room so that you may sleep better on your own.

According to traditional Chinese confinement practice, new mothers are not allowed to take showers or wash their hair throughout the whole confinement period. It is believed that contact with water would let “wind” enter the mother’s body, which would cause headaches and even rheumatism in the future. However, this is not proven by science, and this myth could have originated in ancient China when it was harder to have access to hot water to bathe. In today’s modern society, where living standards have greatly improved, mothers can take showers and wash their hair during confinement. This is especially necessary in a hot and humid country like Singapore. In fact, as new mothers will be in close contact with their newborns, it is important to maintain good hygiene to protect both the mother and baby from harmful germs. Your confinement nanny will assist in preparing bathing herbs for you daily. Just remember to take warm baths instead of cold baths, and blow-dry your hair immediately after your bath.

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Your diet during confinement plays a crucial part in your postnatal recovery. Not to mention the food you eat will be transferred to your baby via breast milk. Hence, you are highly encouraged to consume nutritious whole foods during this period. Some of the foods that are good for confinement include:

  • Dairy Products: Replenish the body’s calcium
  • Oatmeal: Fights constipation, control post-pregnancy diabetes
  • Pork Livers: Help replenish blood after childbirth
  • Red Dates: Aid in nourishing blood
  • Almonds: Helps in wound itching and boost milk supply
  • Vegetables: Replenish blood
  • Red Meats: Aid to replenish blood loss
  • Brown Rice: Helps to normalise sleep patterns, improve lactation
  • Salmon: Helps to increase milk flow

You can wash your hair after giving birth, if you take warm baths and dry your hair thoroughly right after you get out of the bath. According to ancient Chinese practices, it is believed that mothers who have contact with cold water may allow “wind” to enter the body, and may cause headaches and rheumatism. With the convenience of modern home appliances like water heaters and hair dryers, mothers can maintain personal hygiene without compromising on their health. Not to mention with the help of confinement nannies, new mothers will have healing bathing herbs prepared for them for their daily baths.

Get through confinement stress-free with PEM's vetted team of confinement nannies!

Hire a confinement nanny with PEM

A confinement nanny can be a valuable asset for new parents during the postnatal period.

They provide essential support and care to both the mother and baby, helping to ensure a smooth and healthy transition into parenthood.

If you’re considering hiring a confinement nanny, consider your family’s specific needs and choose a trusted agency like PEM to find the right nanny!

With the right support and care, the postnatal period can be a joyous and rewarding time for new parents and their babies.

If you have any enquiries or any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact us today!