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Confinement Nanny Training

Quality is the core of our service

Every PEM nanny is professionally trained and constantly assessed for your peace of mind.


Hours of

Intensive training

Passing rate

of highly qualified nannies

Ensure your confinement with professional care

Professional Care Confinement Nanny
In-house training centre

We are fully involved in ensuring the quality of our nanny.

Professional Care Confinement Nanny
Constant assessment

We assess our nannies’ competency before, during and after every services.

Professional Care Confinement Nanny
Continuous retraining

We provide continuous refresher course to ensure our nannies stay relevant to best confinement practices.

Expert-approved training module by Dr Wong Boh Boi

Our nannies training modules are reviewed by Dr. Wong Boh Boi and trained by our experienced in-house trainers.

Dr Wong Dr Wong

Expert-approved training module by
Dr Wong Boh Boi

Our nannies training modules are reviewed by Dr. Wong Boh Boi and trained by our experienced in-house trainers.

Well-know as the Baby Whisperer
Over 30 years of experience in lactation consultancy, antenatal and baby care
Certified in nursing, lactation, midwifery, childcare and enhancing brain development in babies
Pioneered the training of confinement nannies
Newborn Well-beign Guide

Newborn Well-being

  • Holding/handling of baby
  • Umbilical cord care
  • Baby crying clues
Newborn Feeding & Sleep Guide

Feeding &

  • Feeding methods
  • Burping
  • Choking basic first-aid
  • Helping baby sleep well
Newborn Hygience & Health Guide

Hygiene &

  • Baby hygiene practices
  • Baby body temperature checks
  • Baby poop checks / knowledge
  • Jaundice care
Newborn Postpartum Care Guide


  • Physical and emotional postpartum support
  • Motherhood tips and guidance
Breastfeeding Guide for New Mom


  • Breastfeeding guidance and knowledge
  • Breastfeeding positions/methods
  • Breast milk storage
Confinement Food & Herbs

Confinement Food & Herbs

  • Confinement food knowledge and preparation
  • Herbal package knowledge

Your health and safety is our priority

Confinement Health Safety

Health Checks

We require our nannies to undergo blood test for Hepatitis B and HIV to ensure that they are medically fit to serve you.

Covid-19 Precautions

COVID-19 Precautions

We pay close attention to the latest COVID-19 regulations and comply to them at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all PEM confinement nannies in Singapore have to undergo a mandatory 150 hours of intensive training before our nannies are qualified to serve any clients. They are all required to go through stringent assessment with a passing rate of 70%; only highly competent nannies will be qualified. To ensure that our nannies keep honing their skills learnt during confinement nanny training, all nannies are required to fulfill a minimum of 8 services annually.

Yes, PEM nanny training courses in Singapore includes teaching all nannies to guide and assist mothers in breastfeeding, latching, and breast care.

PEM confinement nanny training Singapore courses include training nannies to prepare well-balanced confinement meals which incorporates a variety of nutritious ingredients including vegetables, meat and other proteins, herbal soups and red dates tea.

Among a variety of confinement dishes, our nannies are trained to prepare classic Chinese confinement food, such as pork trotter vinegar (猪脚醋) and yellow wine chicken (黄酒鸡) for you, with herbal tonics and soups to strengthen your body and to replenish the nutrition that you have lost during delivery. If you have any requests for your confinement meals, feel free to discuss with our nanny and she will be happy to adjust based on your preferences.

Don't worry! We at PEM is here to help you get a confinement nanny who suits you best. If you are not satisfied with your nanny, you may request for a replacement; we provide two free replacements of nanny for all of our clients.

PEM confinement nanny training sees all nannies and trainers undergoing stringent training in our in-house confinement nanny training centre. All PEM confinement nannies in Singapore are trained in aspects of baby care to traditional herbal knowledge and even mother care. They are only certified after undergoing a mandatory 150 hours of intensive in-house confinement nanny course. On the other hand, our trainers are certified by leading maternity training program offered by highly experienced medical professional in the industry.