Why Your Family Will Thank You for Hiring a Confinement Nanny

In past generations, families used to help each other following the arrival of a newborn. Aunts brought home-produced casseroles and helped with the house chores while grandma knitted a blanket and sweater for the newborn. These days, families are living far off from each other, and the support that was afforded to new moms isn’t there as was the case in years past.

Hiring a confinement nanny in Singapore is an ideal solution for families that need some extra help or to facilitate the smooth adaptation of parenting for new moms. The nanny can be hired either on a part-time or full-time basis. Indeed, a nanny can provide significant help to the new mom either before or after the arrival of a newborn. Not only does she cater to the needs of the new mom and newborn, but she can also assist with other household chores much to the delight of the whole family.

Here are ways your family can benefit from confinement services.

Household chores

Childbirth is extremely taxing on pregnant women, be it a caesarian section delivery or a natural delivery. As such, doctors advise new moms to take adequate rest following the arrival of the newborn. This means that new moms are exempted from household chores like washing, sweeping and vacuuming during the postpartum period. In fact, new moms spend almost the whole day comforting, feeding, bathing and taking care of their newborn, so they don’t even have the time to wash the dishes or clean the house.

With the other partner also working on a full-time job and the older kids off to school for the better part of the day, who is going to handle the household chores? Well, this is where a nanny comes in handy. While the new mom is taking care of the infant, the confinement nanny in Singapore can handle the housework.

Meal preparation

Part of the recovery process after the arrival of a newborn is eating the right foods. Because the new mom doesn’t have time to go out, shop for groceries and cook meals, a nanny can step in and prepare meals. Home cooked confined meals are ideal for mom’s postpartum period. They are nutritious and help to restore the mother’s weakened health. A good example is green papaya fish soup which is a good milk booster meal.

If you have older kids, the confinement lady can also assist in preparing meals for them. Often, this comes at an additional fee. Moreover, they can sometimes entertain the kids and narrate stories to them when the mother and newborn are taking a nap. By giving attention to the older kids, the nanny helps to stem any bit of jealousy that the older children may feel because the mom is occupied with the arrival of the newborn.

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Spend time with your partner and older kids

Despite having a newborn, the rest of the family still expect the mother to spend time with them as it was the norm before the arrival of the infant. Although things might not remain as they were, the new mom can still spend time with the husband and older kids by hiring confinement services in Singapore. The confinement lady can help with tasks such as feeding, bathing and soothing the newborn. Meanwhile, the new mom can go out for a walk with the husband or go shopping with the older kids without stressing for the baby. This helps to strengthen sibling ties so that nobody feels that the baby is snatching mommy away. Moreover, a change of routine, which involves spending the whole day with the baby, gives the mother breathing space and helps in their mental well-being.

The arrival of a newborn is not meant to curtail the close ties between the mother and the rest of the family. A confinement lady can help to take care of everyday tasks in the house including meal preparation, cleaning and also take care of the newborn to allow the mother to at least spend some time with the husband and the rest of the family.