Top 5 Ways To Put Your Baby To Sleep

Ah, yes, most parents have been there. There is a time when you would not be able to catch enough sleep because your baby seems to be awake all the time. You tried to get your little darlings back into their slumber but to no avail. Some parents are struggling to sleep because their babies are not sleepy at all! But all those supposed problems with a baby’s sleep that you worry about are actually normal sleep routines for babies. Your baby is just doing what he is naturally programmed to do. By knowing what is normal for your newborn, you can understand what’s causing the baby’s whimpers at night and how to soothe the baby back to sleep. Moreover, understanding your baby’s regular sleep habits also ensures you carry out activities that support his sleep development instead of disrupting it. 

Shorter Sleep Cycles

Babies don’t sleep in one long chunk through the night and wake up in the morning. Instead, they sleep through several sleep cycles, which combine to form a night’s sleep. A typical sleep cycle comprises two distinct phases of sleep: non-rapid eye movement (nREM) sleep and Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. Non-rapid eye Movement (nREM) often begins as light sleep, and it gets increasingly deeper and more restful. On the other hand, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep is characterised by dreams and rapid brainwaves.

Therefore, your baby begins with REM sleep and goes into REM sleep, forming a full sleep cycle. Thereafter, a new cycle starts again. The baby returns to that drowsy and probable state of alertness at the start of a new cycle. At this point, your baby may need your help to get back to sleep.

A baby’s sleep cycle typically lasts about forty-five minutes, which is shorter than an adult’s, which lasts for one and a half hours. These shorter sleep cycles mean your baby has many sleep cycles every night. If the baby learns that when she gets into a state of drowsiness, there’s no cause for alarm since you’re available if she needs you, she’ll connect these together without your assistance.

So how would you support this, how to put babies to sleep? Here are the top five ways to put baby to sleep!

Switch Off The Lights

Perhaps the most fundamental thing to do when dealing with your little bundle of joy. There is a study which stated that light exposure before or during bedtime can make it a tough job to fall asleep or stay asleep. Adults have an internal body clock known as circadian rhythm, which determines when it’s time to sleep or wake up based on the presence or absence of natural light. In contrast, a newborn does not have a circadian rhythm, which means she can’t differentiate night and day and thus will sleep and wake up randomly throughout the 24 hours.  This is caused by the lack of sleep-inducing melatonin produced by your baby’s brain. Your baby needs several months before they can develop their own circadian rhythm. In the meantime, you need to expose her to as much natural daylight during the day and darkness during the night. Plus, even if your baby managed to sleep with the lights on, it could possibly lead to low-quality sleep or waking up again.

Play Soothing or Calm Music

If the first method didn’t go as planned, perhaps an effective trick to put baby to sleep is to opt for soothing or calm music to put your little one to bed. Be it classical music or nursery rhymes, studies showed that music does help in keeping the mind relaxed by calming parts of the autonomic nervous system. This, in turn, causes the breathing to slow down and lowers the heart rate and blood pressure, priming your baby for a comfortable sleeping time.

Give The Baby Soothing Bath

Nothing beats a long shower after a long, tiring day at work. Just like how it brings great relief to you, it also brings great relief to your baby! Infants generally get tired very easily after a long day as they are very active! Be sure to give them soft and gentle massages on the back and limbs, too! We are certain that your baby would definitely enjoy the little pampering sessions during their bath time and sleep well at night. Interested in more baby-related products that can be of help? Why don’t you pay MumChecked a visit?

Read The Baby a Bedtime Story

Read The Baby a Bedtime Story

If your child is struggling to sleep at night, you might want to pick up reading bedtime stories to them as a habit. It helps the kid to relax and filter the world around them from the daily distractions that are ever-present. This eventually lets fatigue set into your child, which causes them to fall asleep better. Furthermore, this routine would bring you closer to your child and foster a healthier parent-child relationship.

Sing Them a Lullaby

Sometimes, the key towards a better sleep for your child lies in your very own voice. So, mothers, step up! Don’t be shy of your voice; this is your time to shine! There is no better way for the baby to fall asleep than being cradled by their mother’s voice to bed. It helps them relax and calms them down, allowing the brain to produce melatonin at a higher rate and boom! Your baby is sleeping soundly.

While it is important for your baby to get enough rest, it is also important for you to be well-rested and stay healthy as well. You are the pillar of your family, and your child needs you to be at your best. Give yourself and your newborn the best care during confinement with the help of PEM’s experienced and well-trained confinement nanny!

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