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PEM Confinement Nanny Agency

PEM Confinement Nanny Agency is presently the largest confinement nanny agency in Singapore. With over 400 trained confinement ladies available, we aim to provide the best environment for you to recuperate and replenish while your little bundle of joy learns to adapt to a new world. We provide a comprehensive confinement planning for all your confinement needs
Our Commitment
  • Annual health screening for confinement ladies
  • Customer service hotline is available all year round, 365 day in a year
  • Timely arrival of confinement nannies straight to your doorstep regardless of the delivery date
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Most Comprehensive Confinement Services in Singapore

TCM Herbal Tonics

Brewing of herbal tonics and red dates tea

Laundry for Mother & Baby

Washing of clothing for mother and new born

Confinement Bath

Specially prepared confinement bath for you

PRO Breastfeeding

Our nanny will assist you in breastfeeding

24 Hours Baby Care

Special attention and care for your newly born baby

Confinement Food

Cooking of confinement food for mother

Simple Cleaning

Sweeping and Mopping (up to twice a week)

Experienced Advice

Sharing of useful tips on a smooth confinement

PEM Confinement Nanny Agency was established in 1987 and has been in the industry for 30 years. We strive to provide mummies with the upmost confinement care in Singapore at an affordable price. PEM Confinement Nanny Agency is the largest Confinement Centre in Singapore with over 400 nannies and is the first confinement nanny agency to be licensed by Ministry of Manpower (MOM).
PEM Confinement Nanny Agency is also the first agency in Singapore that has an in-house training centre where nannies undergo special classes on breast-feeding, proper hygiene practices and confinement diet planning to ensure that they are competent for future assignments. Nannies are also given a challenging test at the end of their training to examine their level of skills and knowledge acquired during training.