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Expecting parents, as you anticipate the arrival of your little one, we're here to provide the support you need during the postpartum period. With over 550 professionally trained confinement nannies, we offer comprehensive care for both you and your newborn. Our nannies are carefully selected, vaccinated, and medically fit to ensure the best care for you and your newborn.

We guarantee the arrival of a nanny when you need it, and our customer service team is available 365 days a year to assist you. Trust PEM confinement nanny service in Singapore to make your postpartum journey smoother and more enjoyable.

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Comprehensive Care For You And Your Newborn

From confinement meals to night feeding, our nannies will take care of everything for you.

Confinement Nanny Baby Care

Day & Night Baby

Nanny will take care of your newborn's well-being, from feeding, diaper care, bathing, and updating baby’s daily log.

Confinement Nanny Making Food


Nanny prepares nourishing confinement food and take on the cleaning after meals, so you can focus on recovering.

Confinement Nanny Giving Breastfeeding Guidance


Starting breastfeeding can be daunting. Our nannies are here to support and guide you through this process.

Confinement Nanny Newborn Care Guidance

Newborn Care

Nanny will give you helpful tips and knowledge on how to take care of your little one.

Confinement Herbal Tonics

Herbal Tonics

Nanny will prepare nourishing red dates tea and herbal soups to support your recovery.

Confinement Bath Herbs for Wash


Nanny will prepare confinement herbal bath for you to help promote postpartum healing.

Nanny Doing Laundry for Mum, Dad & Baby

Laundry for Mum,
Dad & Baby

Leave the laundry of mummy, daddy, and baby to our nanny, including washing, hanging and folding the laundry. (Only baby's clothes will be hand-washed).

Nanny Doing Domestic Chores

Basic Domestic

Our nanny will assist with basic house chores like sweeping and mopping the floor, for up to twice a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

While every families’ needs during confinement may be different, having added support is undeniably beneficial. With a PEM confinement nanny around, you and baby can get attentive care during the crucial first postpartum month, even without experienced family or helpers at home. One tip to help you find a suitable confinement nanny is by looking up confinement nanny review of a particular agency or nanny before you book.

When hiring a confinement nanny, it's crucial to provide them with their own private or shared room free of male adults to ensure their privacy for resting, sleeping, and changing. In the initial days, ensure your kitchen is stocked with groceries for preparing daily confinement meals, which your spouse can handle. If you require assistance with future grocery shopping, PEM nannies are available to assist. Consider discussing a household schedule and establishing a set of guidelines depending on your preference.

It all depends on you and your spouse’s preference. Newborns will wake up every few hours throughout the night, so as long as you have someone around who can take away or, at least, share the role with you, feel free to make the arrangement that you’re most comfortable with!

In general, the confinement nanny price in Singapore is around S$4,000 and above for a full-time confinement nanny for 28 days. Other costs that you may need to consider is the levy and also the work permit application fee. If you are getting one from an agency like PEM, everything will be handled for you so you can focus solely on recuperating, and we even offer up to two free nanny replacements to help you get the most suitable nanny.

To avoid stress and overlooking important arrangement, we recommend engaging a confinement nanny service in Singapore as soon as possible. We suggest 6 to 7 months in advance as this will give every party involved enough time to get to understand your preferences, for you to communicate your requirements, and for us to arrange a suitable confinement nanny for you.

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