Preparing Your Family for the Confinement Period

Confinement is the rest period just after a woman gives birth. It is a very crucial time for the mother as it defines how fast the mother can recuperate from childbirth and get back to her usual lifestyle.

If the mother does not have adequate time to recover from the childbirth experience, she can swing to depression due to the new demands of her new role, especially for new mothers.

The demands can be too overwhelming for her, and she needs time to herself and the baby to bond and regain her health.

During this period, the mother should receive ultimate care from those around her; love and support to speed up the recovery.

Different cultures approach the confinement period differently.

For some, the period may last up to forty days or even longer but others may take a shorter time.

The objective is to take time off and rest and allow the body to regain health and bond with the baby.

If you are in your last trimester, the baby could be coming soon. Apart from preparing for the baby’s arrival, you also need to prepare your family for the confinement period.

Here are tips that will make it easy for you and the family during the confinement period:

Talk to your family about the expected changes

Before the baby comes, take your family through some of the changes that will affect them during your recovery period.

Full disclosure, most fathers are clueless as to what to expect. All they look forward to is a cute little angel who they will cuddle and watch as they grow!

No one tells them about the lack of sleep they are likely to experience due to the baby crying throughout the night especially due to colic. They also are never prepared for the shift in attention by the mother to the baby and some may feel left out and start drifting away.

Talk to your partner about these changes and seek their support.

Do adequate shopping

The last thing a mother in confinement wants is disturbance from their rest when the house has no essential items.

Before you go for your delivery, take time and shop adequately for your household. Buy the essential things that you will need during your rest period to avoid anxiety and frustrations.

You can shop for non-perishable items that will last you for an extended period and even canned foods if you need them.

Talk to your family or even a confinement nanny about the possibility of getting help in buying your groceries like fresh vegetables and fruits as you will require adequate amounts of them during your confinement period.

Make arrangements for help

During the confinement period, you may not be in a position to carry out any house chores or duties.

You will require someone to help you run the home during the period to make it easy for you and everybody else. You will also require someone to care for you to speed up the recovery.

Therefore, before your confinement period begins, seek the services of a trained nanny who will handle the house chores for you and prepare your meals.

Get someone experienced and who can take care of your baby once in a while as you catch some sleep. Getting one before checking into the hospital for delivery is crucial as it will give you adequate time to get acquainted and also give her a proper orientation of what her duties will be during your confinement period.

Set a budget aside for a professional massage

As you prepare for the baby’s arrival, also think about your well-being as a mother. Your child will require a healthy and psychologically stable mother. Your well-being will also help stimulate milk production for the baby.

Therefore, set aside some money for a professional body massage during your confinement period. The massage will help increase the flow of blood to your muscles and the entire body and leave you relaxed.

Check around for the cost of a professional massage around Singapore. Talk to a masseuse and agree on rates and the schedule in advance. Your family can help you prepare the massage room before the masseuse arrives.

Closing Words

There is so much more that you can do to prepare your family for your confinement period.

Use the tips above as your guideline and add more that will be of help in your preparation for confinement.

Just remember not to wait until the time comes for you to run into panic and get anxious about things you should have done like looking for a confinement lady.

Take time off your daily schedule and go through what you will require during the period and discuss them with your family members. You could also try to ask them about which confinement lady to recommend!

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