Tips to Reduce Stress during Your Postnatal Confinement

While pregnancy may be rough, the period after birth known as postpartum or postnatal can be even worse. The baby makes life more complicated.

Of course, you have this lovely bundle of joy staring up at you very innocently, but they rely on you for everything.

For a new mom, you’re probably experiencing a variety of emotions, including joy, elation, exhaustion and postnatal stress.

You have no time for taking care of yourself or giving attention to the other kids because of the newborn’s demands. You don’t even get enough sleep, especially when your baby’s sleep pattern is erratic. Plus, you may be temperamental all the time.

Postnatal stress may be psychological, physical, emotional and hormonal, and its effects may significantly impact the mood and mental health of new moms.

This guide to reducing postnatal stress can help you alleviate the stress and take better care of your health and your baby.

Confinement services

New moms often don’t know what to do during the first few months after delivery. A constantly crying baby may be an overwhelming experience.

Somebody with hands-on experience of postpartum care is necessary. You can get help from a confinement nanny agency in Singapore and engage the services of a confinement nanny to ensure you’re well rested and have a better peace of mind.

The confinement lady will help you by washing clothes, preparing meals for the family and most notably, feeding the baby or changing the diaper at night.

Having someone knowledgeable about postnatal care by your side can help reduce the stress that you may have during those first few weeks after giving birth.

Confinement food

The type of food you eat after child delivery is crucial for new moms to improve milk supply and alleviate the strains of delivery.

Whole wheat, oatmeal, brown rice, and other grain products should be part of your menu. When it comes to vegetables, opt for a variety of red, dark green and orange vegetables plus legumes and starchy vegetables. Fruits can be canned, frozen, fresh, or dried, and can be pureed, whole, or cut-up.

Your menu should also include dairy products that are low-fat or fat-free. Choose lean protein and vary your choice of protein. Ideally, opt for more fish, seeds, nuts, beans and peas.

A confinement lady can help you with meal preparation even as you look after the baby.

Disposable plates

There’s no doubt that you’re a supermom. You like your kitchen sparkling clean and free of dirty dishes.

However, taking care of your newborn might take a lot of your time and you won’t have time to do house chores such as cleaning and washing dishes. But this does not mean you should be content with a heap of dirty dishes in your kitchen.

A better option would be to use disposable plates during the first few months after childbirth. When you’re trying to wash milk bottles to pump in milk for the newborn, but you cannot see the base of your sink since dirty dishes have collected over the days, you will be happy you opted to use disposable plates instead.

Postnatal massage

Pregnancy often exerts a ridiculous amount of stress on the woman’s muscles and body. In fact, a woman’s body experiences significant changes over the 9 months.

Even so, natural therapy in the form of postnatal massage may soothe the stress and strains of child delivery and boost energy levels.

Confinement nannies usually provide postnatal massages at a fee. The massage alleviates postpartum stress and offers muscle flexibility.

Moreover, massage activates the release of Oxytocin hormone which boosts production of breast milk.

Last but not least, one of the numerous important postnatal massage benefits induces better sleep and enhances blood circulation.

Closing Words

The period after childbirth is often associated with a lot of stress for the new mom as she tries to adjust to life with the newborn.

However, the tips to relieve new mom stresses mentioned above can go a long way in alleviating postnatal confinement stress.

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