How to Juggle Your Hectic Postnatal Schedule

When you finally become a proud mother of your son or daughter, life changes. The duties and responsibilities that come with motherhood can be quite overwhelming. You will be adding duties to your already full plate and none of them is optional.

If you have a toddler and now an infant, it may be even more overwhelming. You will find yourself literally running throughout the day, without achieving much after all the hustle.

Alternatively, seeking postnatal treatment or help from a professional pair of hands can efficiently alleviate the chaotic transition of motherhood.

You will get to bed after all members of your family and wake up at dawn, not to mention the numerous times you had to wake up during the night to feed your baby.

By the end of the day, you will be exhausted. Your partner will feel neglected because you no longer have time for him.

You may even desire to catch your favourite TV program or a movie but that will be more of a dream than reality. Can you believe a day may even pass without a shower?

Ridiculous as this may seem, but it is the unfortunate truth. This rat race kind of life is due to a disorganised postnatal schedule. You can attend to your baby and still enjoy your life.

Here are some tips.

Set Expectations

Your friends and family will still expect your undivided attention; they’ll need your company.

Unfortunately, you are not a superhero. Do not conform to their expectations especially if you feel unsupported.

Some may get too selfish and may not understand your status. Do not be afraid to set expectations and guidelines to help so you could balance between caring for your newborn and yourself.

Let them know that they may no longer need to depend on you. They can carry out some of the family duties and even run errands that they think you should run.

That way, you will have adequate time for your baby and even time away from all your duties just to enjoy some personal space.

Use a Planner

Working without a plan is like a ship without a compass. You are not sure where the day will lead to but you are on-board anyway.

Such a disorganised approach will leave you tired, frustrated and you may hate everyone around you. Come up with a schedule and work towards adhering to it. Extend the same to your baby so that they can also gradually adjust to it.

Let them understand the difference between day and night, time for a nap, play or feeding. That way, the baby will start learning to work with a routine.

You will know that you can step out while the child is asleep, catch some sleep or even prepare meals. Communicate your routine to the other family members to make the process easy for you.

Review Your Social Life

Lots of time can be wasted in your social interactions. You may want to spend more time with your friends over lunch or even wish to go out more often for your girl outings.

Well, these are all healthy social interactions but they are also time wasters. For you to successfully go through your hectic and busy days, you will require auditing your social life.

You do not need the entire army as your friends. Check out the friends that add value to your life, support your goals and dreams and drop those who pull you behind. You can do without them.

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Hire a Professional Nanny

Whether you are a stay-at-home or working mum, your postnatal period will not be an easy journey that you can handle all alone.

You may not have the energy to handle all the household chores and at the same time still care for your baby. If you can afford to, it is advisable to get a confinement nanny within your budget.

The nanny will help you handle some of the duties and even watch over your baby whenever you wish to step out. You can rely on her for postnatal advice for mothers in matters related to postpartum confinement practices and newborn care.

She can even prepare the right confinement food to support your recovery efforts and boost milk production. Agree on a confinement food menu for easy planning.

Last but Not Least… Prioritise

With your busy schedule, understanding your priorities will be important. You may wish to have all your errands fit in a single day but carrying them all out may seem impractical. Know what matters and the time available.

You may need to push some of the duties for a different day, especially if they are not as important. However, this does not mean you procrastinate. Understand what’s urgent and what can wait. For instance, if you have been planning to visit your friend, you can consider skipping it if it is not a crucial situation.

As a new mother who has just given birth, your priority should be your newborn and postpartum care. It is easy for new parents to overlook their own mental and physical health due to caring for their newborns, but remember, happy moms make happy babies!

Closing Words

Raising a newborn and trying to recover properly from childbirth can be challenging, so it is important that you keep yourself healthy inside and out to make sure you are in the best state to take care of a newborn.

Use the tips above and enjoy a fulfilling life with your newborn child…especially that tip of looking for confinement nanny services in Singapore! If you are looking for a SG confinement nanny and want to hire confinement nannies in Singapore, feel free to look around our homepage to get a feel for our packages.

All the best for your postnatal journey, mummies!

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