Top Benefits of Postnatal Massage and Confinement Services

The postnatal period is a critical time for both mother and baby. It is a period for the mother to recuperate from the experience of childbirth and gain back her health. It serves as a wonderful time for the mother and baby to bond. However, this period can also be stressful and overwhelming for the mother since she has to take care of a vulnerable baby who requires her full attention and tries to regain her health. The life of the baby depends heavily on the mother. The well-being of the mother is therefore important, and she needs to be fully in charge of her health in order to execute her maternal duties with grace and without too much post-partum stress.

Should I Get Postnatal Massage?

The postpartum period for both mothers and newborn babies is as essential as the prenatal and antepartum periods during pregnancy. The postpartum period is when the mother recovers from the amount of stress taken in by the body during childbirth and regains her health for effective nursing as well as to bounce back to her typical life.

This is also the period when you would welcome your newborn baby, and your focus may be almost, if not 100%, on them. Although first-time mothers can experience nervousness and overwhelming feelings, these emotions are completely normal, and this is why the relaxation from postnatal massage after delivery is very much sought after.

Massages usually help keep you relaxed and rested both physically, mentally, and emotionally as it promotes the reduction of stress and better blood circulation for a faster healing process. Aside from stress reduction and promotion of the healing process, we have also broken down several more benefits of postnatal massage for you as a mother!

The essence of postnatal care in Singapore and confinement nanny services is to ensure that the mother gains strength, has a stable mind and a relaxed body to care for the newborn and facilitate her recovery. Enlisting the services of a professional and responsible nanny will go a long way in helping the mother spring back to good health. Coupled with an excellent massage, the mother will feel pampered, and her body will be ready for the new roles of motherhood. Here are the top postnatal massage benefits and confinement services for a mother:

Facilitate the healing process

During delivery, the mother’s body may go through shock due to the process of childbirth. During the postnatal period, some mothers may experience swelling of parts of the body, such as the feet and even the arms, as a result of water retention. Postnatal massage helps relax the body’s muscles, increases the flow of blood to all parts of the body, and increases lymphatic drainage, thus eliminating fluids and waste products from the body.

A good blood flow towards a traumatised tissue or muscle promotes faster healing as the components of the blood trigger cell repairs. The blood flow is also helpful in flushing toxins towards the filtering organs found inside the body system and out of the body. You can decide to hire post natal massage home service when your delivery time is close.

Mental wellness

After childbirth, the stress hormone cortisol may increase its levels due to the experience and anxiety a new mother may go through. If the hormone is not managed and brought down, the mother may swing into depression. A massage is an excellent way of reducing the stress hormone and creating a feeling of wellness. During the massage time, the new mum gets some ‘me time’ and focuses more on her well-being.

Pain Management

During the later stages of pregnancy, a woman may experience a pelvic shift and an increase in the lumbar curve due to increased weight. The result of the change is joint tenderness and muscle pain. As the mother begins to breastfeed, she may also suffer neck stiffness, back pains and shoulder tension. Confinement nannies tend to advise new mothers to have it taken care of in the event tensions and pains are not managed on time. They may result in chronic pains. Massage relieves the pains and tensions as massage techniques usually stretch and enable better circulation along these areas, helping the mother enjoy a comfortable postnatal period.

Regulate Postpartum Hormones

Hormones are usually at peak during pregnancy and immediately decrease after delivery. A good massage helps in regulating post-partum hormones such as prolactin and oxytocin.

These two hormones are the ones responsible for the stimulation of breast milk, which the baby can greatly benefit from. There are hormones that are responsible for mood balance and emotions, and a good massage can also help in maintaining their balance.

Boosts milk production

A mother needs to be at her best during breastfeeding. Any stress or lack of well-being can lead to low milk production. Taking time for a cosy massage will stimulate the production of the prolactin hormone, which is responsible for milk production in lactating mothers. The massage will also help ease chest pain, breast pain and shoulder pain that affects the mother as she nurses the newborn.

Other confinement practices include:

Hot compresses

These are prepared with lemon grass and selected leaves, which are wrapped in a cloth and heated up. The practice is believed to help Singaporean mothers contract the womb and break down belly fat. The leaves can be combined with herbs for a more intense effect.


During the postnatal period, the mother needs good nutrition to promote good health and supply her body with essential nutrients. The right supplements and a balanced confinement diet will promote faster healing and boost milk production.

Tummy wraps

The uterus and the abdomen area expand during the pregnancy to accommodate the growing foetus. After childbirth, the mother needs to take caution, ensure the tummy springs return to its original size and shape, and avoid sagging. One of the ways of helping the uterus get back to its original size is through tummy wraps. Wrapping the tummy immediately after birth will help you get a trimmer and more toned tummy. However, a mother should seek a go-ahead from the gynaecologist if they underwent a C-section before using a tummy wrap.

Combine these practices with your regular massage and enjoy the full benefits of motherhood. Seek the services of a professional masseuse for your massage and schedule them accordingly. You should remember to discuss the cost of the massage sessions and the period each session is likely to last before commencing.

Benefits of Getting Postnatal Massage Home Service

As a part of postpartum care, employing a postnatal confinement nanny for yourself or your wife is something you shouldn’t have to give a second thought before investing in. Postpartum care can help to relieve physical, mental and emotional stress fatigue. It can help reduce the symptoms of baby blues. 

Indeed, the postpartum period is a time when you often do not sleep much, and you have often accumulated a lot of fatigue following childbirth. Getting a massage also means being cocooned and taking a moment to rest and rest, to regenerate. If you came here looking for a reason to get a postnatal massage, we believe you have found it!