How to Sustain Your Energy Levels in Your Confinement Period

While pregnancy can seem the most tiring months for a mother, the confinement period marks the peak of this fatigue. Now that you are a mother, you have to divide your attention across your family, your sweet little newborn, and yourself. 

Besides being your recovery time, your confinement period offers an opportunity for you to rest and bond with your newborn. During this period, your energy levels tend to fluctuate with most days being low energy days. 

Childbirth is a very demanding activity on the body. Recovery can therefore take a few weeks. Here are the main discomforts and drawbacks that can occur after childbirth.

During the past nine months, your body has undergone a lot of transformations and the confinement period is here to ensure your body regains its energy levels and strength for the future. 

While no specific technique is available for all mothers, you will realise that by practising the following habits, you will not only sustain your energy level in your confinement period but also feel more energetic.

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Eat a Balanced & Healthy Diet

The confinement period provides you with an opportunity to pump up nutrients into your body. To successfully do this, take a lot of vitamins, proteins and fibre. Ensure you select healthy green and leafy vegetables for fibre, iron and vitamin A and C. Eat healthy proteins like eggs and peas and where possible, consume freshwater fish for inner healing of your body. You can also consider pork liver to replenish your blood. 

Aside from the balanced diet, you should also continue taking your pregnancy and vitamin supplements and avoid fats and sugars. With this in mind, avoid dieting for the first three months after birth. This is because, at this stage, a lot of hormonal and metabolic reactions are taking place in your body. When you diet, you are likely to experience fatigue.

Prioritise on Getting Enough Rest

Rest helps your body and mind recover. To get enough rest, you may need to reorganise your usual routine. When you are feeling exhausted, consider getting a confinement nanny who will help you in taking care of your baby. The nanny, who is a trained professional, will offer nutritional advice as well as cook for you. Your nanny will also take care of your baby, ensuring that both of you get enough rest.

Get Enough Sleep

The birth of a baby results in a lot of fatigue for the mother. At first, you may experience exhaustion, a feeling that will last for a few weeks. You need to get good rest in order to recover and promote milk production.  

This is treatable by ensuring you get adequate sleep. Besides reducing fatigue, sleep will also serve to regulate your emotions, keeping you free from postnatal depression. The result of adequate sleep is an energised and happy individual.

Additionally, you might feel frustrated or depressed due to this extreme fatigue. Seek the support of your spouse, friend or family member so that you can replenish your energy reserves and take on more responsibility. Limit the number of visitors so that you can rest and try to sleep when the baby is sleeping.

Relax in a Postnatal Massage

Postnatal massage is one that is performed after childbirth, normally in the confinement period after delivery. It seeks to restore the proper functioning of the mother’s body which has suffered significant stress and pressure during pregnancy as well as afterwards. Along with its countless health benefits, massage can also help tone your body back to pre-pregnancy figure and help your uterus return to its pre-baby state.

Likewise, it also has important benefits on the mother’s state of mind, reducing the appearance or intensity of the unwanted postpartum depression.

Besides resting, getting a postnatal massage will calm you down and at the same time keep your energy levels up. Apart from relaxing your body, getting frequent massages will improve your blood circulation and break down fats, thus helping in your shaping-up journey if you were to start getting in shape. You can get all the postnatal massage benefits when you hire a good postnatal massage Singapore.  

Exercise When You’re Ready To

Pregnancy and childbirth can put a strain on the bodies of young mothers. So after a few months of inactivity, some feel the need to quickly resume sport after childbirth. Depending on how active your lifestyle has been prior to and during pregnancy, you may need shorter and longer rest before getting into anything that can be strenuous on your body. 

After birth and when your body is ready to, exercising – on top of watching what you eat – is indeed a good way to get back in shape and say goodbye to the pounds of pregnancy weight. Practising a low-impact exercise like yoga after pregnancy allows for better recovery and protects yourself against all risks of issues like urinary incontinence or organ descent.

During your confinement period, your body is not strong enough to undertake strenuous exercises. However, for healthy muscles and energy levels, consider a simple stroll outdoors. This will have tremendous effects on your energy levels. In addition to the exercise, you can opt for recreational activities on a daily basis or at scheduled intervals within the month.

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