A Complete Guide To Confinement Practices After Delivery

Confinement is still practiced in most parts of Asia where the new mothers are asked to rest and stay indoors for a month or so. The women who undergo a C-section are asked to rest for a month and a half after childbirth. However, the preparation for confinement starts a lot earlier than the actual date of delivery.

So, what are these practices are we talking about?

The most common confinement practices include;

  1. Ordering confinement food catering in Singapore
  2. Hiring a nanny who stays 24 hours with the new mom
  3. Following a special diet

There are certain myths related to the confinement practices as well. Some of them are just misconceptions or false beliefs that were created. So, make sure to not believe everything that you see or hear. Remember to only follow what is true and factual, as you only want the best for the new mother.

Why Should You Hire a Nanny?

Hiring a confinement nanny is especially beneficial for the parents who are giving birth for the first time. They might not know what to do and what not to do. After giving birth a woman is still in the recovery period so she will need to have ample rest. In this state, it will be even harder for some of them to take care of the newborn.

To avoid any mishaps, and to keep the baby safe and sound, it is always better to hire a nanny. A new mother will not only have to take care of the baby, but they also have a house to look after. This is where the advantages of having a confinement nanny comes in, they can cook and clean for you while you rest and bond with the baby.

If you are having trouble looking after the baby, these nannies can do that too for you as they are skilled in this aspect. They can also help you to change the diapers for your baby, look after your house, while you take your time to recuperate and regain your health.

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Why Should You Follow a Confinement Diet?

When you’re on your confinement period, you cannot choose to eat anything that you like, even if it means not being able to eat your favourite snacks. You have to make sure to look after your diet, for both you and your child’s sake.

Follow a confinement diet is especially important if you want to recover quickly and get back in shape. Additionally, some things to avoid are; cold water, cold bath, cold foods like bananas and cucumbers as they can introduce wind in your body leading to colds and flu.

Did you ever notice why ginger and Chinese herbs are added to the confinement foods? The only reason is to keep the mother’s body warm. Eat loads of fruits and vegetables, while making sure that you stay away from alcohol and spicy foods.

Remember, whatever you eat will end up in your baby’s tummy, because if you are breastfeeding your child, you can pass on the nutrition via the milk. So, make sure you keep a check on your diet because you don’t want to end up with alcohol traces in your child’s blood.

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