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Postnatal Massage

Why Signature Postnatal Massage

Postnatal Massage Body Back Shape

Tone Your Body Back Into Shape

After childbirth, postpartum mothers often desire to get back their pre-pregnancy body. With the unique massage technique and ingredients of Postnatal massage, it helps new mothers to reduce water retention in specific areas such as the tummy and thighs. Blood circulation enhances with postnatal massage to help burn body fat faster.

Postnatal Massage for Better Sleep

Promotes Better Sleep

New mothers will be weak and exhausted after the process of childbirth. Postnatal massage therapy can help postpartum mothers to ease tiredness by promoting relaxation to enhance sleep quality. It is also proven that postnatal massage can greatly help muscle tension, increase blood circulation and stress reduction for new mothers.

Postnatal Massage for Improves Lactation

Improves Lactation

Postnatal massage therapy relaxes muscles in breastfeeding mothers which naturally helps to lower their stress hormones, increase blood circulation and decreases the swelling. Automatically this will clear the engorgements and increase their breast milk supply as their blocked ducts are cleared.

Postnatal Massage for Post Surgeries Swellings

Reduces Post Surgeries Swellings

Mothers who go through surgeries and suffer from post delivery will feel more comfortable with postnatal massage as it helps to ease sore spots and relaxes muscle tension particularly on the abdomen, lower back & hip area. It also helps mothers to release the stiffness caused by incorrect latching position.

Postnatal Massage for Womb Recovery

Improves Womb Recovery

Childbirth delivery changes a mother’s wellbeing entirely. Postnatal massage helps to encourage the discharge of lochia, pelvic positions and improve the abdominal organs to be positioned as it used to be.

Postnatal Massage Back Massage

Step 1

Warm Up

Warming up your body to ensure your body is completely relaxed and calm to avoid the risk of injury.

Postnatal Massage Remove Water Retention

Step 2

Remove Water Retention

Moving on to the massage of your legs, such as focusing on the calves, which can greatly relieve pregnancy swellings and leg cramps. Also, by reducing water retention on the thigh area can reduce the swelling.

Postnatal Massage Body Massage

Step 3

Full Body Massage

Mothers might experience muscle tension and back pain from pregnancy, our massage therapist will focus on the back to sooth the muscle tension on the spine area to reduce the pain for the mothers.

Postnatal Massage Therapy

Step 4

Remove & Reposition

Postnatal massage therapy includes a specific care on the abdomen area to improve the uterine by encouraging a natural discharge of lochia. This can help with the positioning of the pelvic muscle back into place.

Postnatal Breast Massage

Step 5

Breast Massage

Breastfeeding is a gift to new mothers but it can be a rough start for many. Therefore, the massage therapy focuses on breast massage to help mothers with engorgement problems. Breast massages can help a mother to improve on lactation in order to have a smoother flow of breast milk.

Postnatal Relaxation Massage

Step 6


The massages include your arms, shoulder, neck and your head to improve the soreness and tiredness from the weight of the growing baby. Postnatal massage will also massage the head area as some mothers might be facing stubborn headaches and migraines.

Postnatal Binding Massage

Step 7


Upon completing the massage, there will be a binding session using the complimentary Tapel Oil from PNSG. Binding can benefit mothers in straightening their body postures and helps to slim down their body as well. Our binder is specially designed to help mothers to tone back their pre-pregnancy body shape. Our binder will not affect mothers to breastfeed, as they can let their babies latch without removing or exposing themselves.

Postnatal Forehead Massage

Step 8

Final Touch

The last step of this massage session will be with ended Pilis application on the forehead of the mothers to prevent migraines, blurry vision and tension headaches.

Freebies For You

All Postnatal Package Comes With The Following:

Body Postures and Slimming Massage

Customised Binder

The Binder helps to straighten the body postures and slimming benefits. Our binders are specially designed for mothers to be more beneficial than a Velcro binder and it allows mothers to breastfeed without exposing their body.

Mustela Baby Massage Oil

Mustela Baby Massage Oil

PNSG offers a free baby massage Singapore tutorial for postnatal massage package. Suitable for newborn baby massage with 99% natural ingredients, the Mustela Baby Massage Oil hydrates and nourishes your baby’s skin while protecting the skin’s cellular resources. Its non-greasy, non-sticky texture allows quick absorption and long-lasting hydration.

Lemongrass, Lemon, Ginger Postnatal Massage Lotion

Ginger Lotion

Ginger lotion offers great benefits for relieving postpartum skin issues. It rejuvenates your skin by slowing down and providing protection against skin ageing. It also helps to relieve body and skin conditions during pregnancy that last after childbirth, including stomach bloating and cellulite, body aches and excessive air in the body.

Postnatal Massage Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil is used throughout the massage session. It can help to make your skin softer and more elastic. Apart from its extensive benefits on your skin, grapeseed oil also has a light consistency and silky texture which allows your skin to absorb it easily.

Herbal Mixture Pilis


The herbal mixture will be applied on the forehead. Pilis is known to improve inconsistencies of sleeping habits, blurry vision, eliminating excess wind, giddiness and tension headache.

Postnatal Massage Tapel

Tapel Cream

Tapel cream is used during the binding session to help in expelling wind, promote blood circulation and to discharge lochia naturally. It also helps ease abdominal muscle tension and to burn excessive fats.

Your Postnatal Self-Care Journey Starts Here

7 Sessions Signature | Deposit $188
60 minutes Massage + 10 minutes Binding
10 Sessions Signature  | Deposit $198
60 minutes Massage + 10 minutes Binding
10 Sessions Signature + Herbal hot compress Sessions  | Deposit $198
60 minutes Massage + 15 minutes hot compress + 10 minutes Binding
10 Sessions Premium  | Deposit $238
5 Sessions Postnatal Massage
3 Sessions Slimming Massage
2 Sessions Relaxation Massage
90 Minutes Per Session
Postnatal Foldable Massage Bed

Enhance Comfort with Add-On Foldable Massage Bed

Designed with high-quality mattress and foot support, as well as adjustable headrest and armrests for a safe and relaxing massage experience. Sturdy and secure massage bed that is foldable for easy storage.

Herbal Hot Compress

Get more from your postnatal massage with

Herbal Hot Compress Add-On

Speed up your postpartum recovery even further with our brand new Herbal Hot Compress add-on.
Only adds an extra 15 minutes to your postnatal massage. Electric-powered with consistent heat for better results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Postnatal massage is the massage performed on a mother after she has given birth. Depending on your method of delivery, you may start getting the massage from as early as 5 to 7 days after you have given birth! The post natal massage Singapore moms often get is normally done on several consecutive days. It is highly recommended for you to get yourself pampered in a postnatal massage within 3 months after you have delivered. However, if you have missed the 3-month window, getting the massage up until 6 months after delivery can still give you excellent results that will enhance your body recovery and rejuvenation.

Depending on your mode of delivery, the recommended commencement time for your massage may differ. You can start your postnatal massage from as early as 5 to 7 days after delivery if you gave birth vaginally. On the other hand, if you went through C-Section, it is advisable for you to wait for around 21 days before starting your massage. If you have health issues that may be compromised by getting a massage, be sure to also seek advice and opinions from your doctor.

"A new mom goes through various mental and physical changes after giving birth. A massage can help in boosting your mood, help you calm down, and keep baby blues at bay. It can also improve your sleep quality so if you have been experiencing difficulties with sleeping at night, a massage will give you the relaxation you need. Worried about getting back a pre-pregnancy figure? Massage can help you lose excess water weight, tone your body, and even fix your posture!

If you are nursing, a postnatal massage can greatly help in your breastfeeding experience. As postnatal massage Singapore moms engage normally includes breast massage in it, it can relieve issues like engorgement and blocked ducts, thus improving your milk flow. Some mothers who practise confinement also prefer to not go out of the house when they are in confinement. Not to worry! With PEM, you can be pampered in the comfort of your own house with our home postnatal massage service.

*** Keep in mind that a postnatal massage is different from other massages, such as the regular body massage or fertility massage Singapore moms may have talked about around you before. However, these massages do share some similar benefits with one another, such as being able to relieve your stress and lift your moods. Choose the massage that will suit you based on your condition and you are good to go! ***"

Prenatal and postnatal massages are generally safe for expectant as well as postpartum moms. They bring a lot of health benefits that can help make pregnancy and postnatal journeys better. Of course, you may still have your concerns which are certainly valid and justified. Hence, when looking for the recommended post natal massage Singapore services, it is important to look into whether the massage therapist or their agency is certified or not. Apart from the services offered, you should also take note of how they talk about mothers’ issues during pregnancy and afterwards and be sure to judge their knowledge and credibility for yourself.

Certainly! Body massage is highly recommended for postpartum moms as it can help boost a new mom’s recovery in various ways. For one, it can help in relaxing tense muscles and knots. This can prevent and relieve cramps, backaches, joint pains, and more. If you still have excess water weight, massage can help get rid of it too, on top of relieving breastfeeding issues. Look for post natal massage Singapore services around you or ask for recommendations to get yourself pampered in one!

After giving birth, there are many things that can help boost your recovery, from modifying your postpartum diet to starting with low-impact exercises. One of the most common postpartum care treatments moms go for is the postnatal massage, which we also include in our confinement package. Postnatal massage can effectively help a mom recover as it relieves body pain, reduce water retention, as well as help with your breastfeeding experience by improving milk supply and clearing blocked ducts.

Various massages are generally safe for a pregnant mom, but you may want to avoid getting prenatal massages within the first trimester and start in the second trimester onwards. If you are worried or you have certain health issues that may compromise your condition by getting a massage, please talk to your doctor or a professional medical expert. Rather than just going for a prenatal massage in Singapore, many moms prefer to get postnatal massages more!

Yes, of course! In fact, it is highly encouraged for an expectant mom to include prenatal massage as a part of their prenatal care routine. You may get a prenatal massage for about once a week and it is advisable to get it from the second trimester onwards. Massage can help relieve backaches, leg cramps, and many other body discomforts you would experience as your bump grows bigger and heavier. It can also release ‘happy hormones’ and make you more relaxed, all the while promoting a good night’s sleep.

Massaging your newborn is one of the best methods to calm them down, relieve their stomach, or even put them to sleep. When massaging, be mindful of the pressure you apply as it should not be as strong as you would do to an adult. Choose a suitable massage oil or lotion for the baby massage. Gently stroke them from the legs, tummy, going upwards towards the chest and arms, and finally to their head, face, and back.

Generally, if you have delivered vaginally, you may be ready to get a postnatal body massage after about 5 to 7 days. Whereas if you have gone through C-Section delivery, it may take up to 3 weeks before you would be able to get a postnatal massage as you need to let the wound heal first. No matter what the recommendation is like, you should give yourself time until you feel like your body is ready and feel well enough to be massaged.

Postnatal massage has been a crucial part of postpartum confinement practice since the old days. Mothers would get the massage within days or weeks after they give birth. It may not seem like a necessity, but the fact that postnatal body massage is still practised by many modern moms these days proves that it works. To answer the question, massage is important if you particularly seek its benefits such as getting rid of water weight and reducing body discomforts. If you are nursing, massage can help relieve breast engorgement, thus improving your milk flow!

Postpartum is the period immediately after a mother has given birth to her child. There is no particular timeline that marks the end of this postpartum, but the first month up to 6 weeks after is generally considered the postpartum period. During this time, mothers will spend most of the time resting and recuperating. Many will take up confinement practices such as bathing with herbal bathwater and going for postnatal massage, which normally uses a specific postpartum massage oil.

Getting a postnatal massage is not on all new mothers’ to-do list, but many still go for it and believe in its effectiveness. To answer the question of ‘is post natal massage necessary?’ for you, you first have to analyse whether you experience anything that can be relieved with a massage. If you are in need of relaxation and relief of tense muscles as well as engorgement, massage may be the solution that will work for you!

After giving birth, you will experience various body changes that may cause unfamiliar discomforts such as weakened joints, stubborn water weight, and even breast engorgement. Many mothers choose postnatal body massage as a part of their postnatal therapy. There is a lot of post natal massage benefits that can help make your postpartum recovery process better, so it is certainly good to consider getting it as well if you have recently given birth.

According to experts, you would have to wait for about 5 to 7 days before getting a post maternity massage if you have given birth vaginally. If you have undergone Cesarean delivery, you would have to wait longer, for approximately 3 weeks. No matter what the recommendation is like, you should give yourself time until you feel like your body is ready and feel well enough to be massaged. If you are still uncertain, seek your doctor’s advice.