3 Things To Look For In A Confinement Meal Catering In Singapore

During the confinement period after childbirth, a new mother should be resting as much as possible. Her body needs the time to recuperate after the exhausting procedure. As a result, new mothers are often unable to perform typical household chores, much less cook for herself and the baby. This is where confinement meals come in. New parents can choose to hire a confinement food catering service to provide healthy and nutritious food for the mother. These services often provide and caters to mothers’ with different tastes and preferences. Alternatively, modern mothers in Singapore would reach for the hands of professional confinement nanny to assist them for a smooth transition to motherhood without compromising their needs and wellbeing.

Here are 3 things you can look for in a great confinement meal catering service in Singapore.

A large variety in their confinement menu

Typically, new mothers in Singapore are set to a specific meal plan, in order to ensure they get the required nutrients needed for the body to recuperate. Ingredients that go into these meal plans, such as ginger, will include properties that help increase blood circulation, detoxify the body, and provide vitamins. However, not all mothers experience the confinement period in similar ways. As such, mothers may have different requirements when it comes to their confinement food. A great catering service offers a large variety of meal options in their menu that supports the mother and baby’s various nutritional needs. All mothers should not forgo that you will need the most nutritious meal during this crucial period to nourish your body for a smooth recovery.

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Meals come packed warm and ready to eat

The worst nightmare of anyone who orders food in is to receive their meal cold. Food delivery services always need to ensure that their food is packaged well to preserve the warmth of the food. Traditionally, tingkat meals are prominent in the past to preserve the heat of meals while serving as a compact way of carrying food around. Tingkat meals also bring a hint of nostalgia and familiarity of home-cooked food that may comfort newborn mothers. In present times, confinement catering services still offer popular traditional concoctions, packed in thermal bags and containers to ensure the food is kept fresh at their optimal temperature effectively so mothers can enjoy their meals while recovering in bed.

Great customer service

As with almost any other service, a good confinement catering service should be able to provide you with prompt and ample customer service, especially to distressed parents. Confinement is truly a tough and stressful period for mothers as they focus on recuperating their energy while taking care of the newborn. It is also tough on fathers as they become the sole breadwinner of the family. As such, the catering service should be responsive and professional when they deliver food or answer questions from concerned parents. Parents may be in need of expert information with regards to the confinement period, and the catering service can often be a great resource of first-hand information. In essence, parents should feel comfortable and trust the confinement catering service to play a vital role during the confinement period.


A confinement meal caterer can greatly relieve the stress of planning and cooking meals during the confinement period. Finding a good caterer will help to ensure that the period goes smoothly, and help new parents slowly transition into parenthood.