Top 5 Things to Prepare for Your Confinement

So, you’re a mummy-to-be, perhaps a first-timer, and you’re getting amped up and ready for the delivery day because your beautiful little one is going to pop up real soon. But of course, you know it’s not all rainbows and unicorns, because there are a ton of things to prepare. And sometimes, more often than not, something gets missed out, then chaos ensues at the last minute. 


Not to worry, because we are here with you with a mini checklist of sorts, with the top 5 things that we think must be prepared for after the baby comes, for your confinement. And without further ado, here we go.


1. For baby

The whole reason why you would have to go through confinement is because you’re pushing a human out of you. So of course, things must be prepared for when said human is ready to live outside your belly. And it is no small list. A baby needs a lot of care and you would need a lot of support and equipment to help you with it. 


Essentials needed for when the baby is here are:-

  • Sterilisation tools: To clean anything that goes into your baby’s mouth, ie. bottles, pacifiers, spoons, and many more.
  • Baby-approved bathing essentials: Babies’ skin is more sensitive and requires gentle cleaning especially in the initial stages, so make sure to get products that are meant for them. Aside from that, you’d need a basin or baby bathtub and soft towels, nappy cream, and moisturiser or lotion. 
  • Baby clothes: Goes without saying that babies need clothes. Remember to get socks and mittens too so your baby’s hands and feet don’t get cold.
  • Consumables: As a baby is unable to fend for himself, it is up to you to clean and feed him, and this requires items that will be needed on a daily basis such as diapers, wet tissue, cotton pads, pacifiers, and sanitiser.
  • Baby cot
  • Bag to store all baby essentials for on-the-go


2. For breastfeeding

If you opt to breastfeed, there will be additional equipment you will need such as breast pumps, milk storage bags, cooler bags for expressed milk, and milk bottles. These are especially needed for mothers who lactate a lot and of course for those who will be going back to work after confinement.


3. For mummy

Once your baby is out of you, you will need to take extra care of yourself too. It is said that any illnesses or ailments that a woman gets during confinement will either stay with her for her whole life or will come back to bite her when she’s older. Thus, recovery is the focus here. What you need are:-

Confinement Soup for Mom - PEM Confinement

Confinement Soup for Mom – PEM Confinement

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Confinement herbs, both for bathing and consumption as they help with relaxing, are nourishing, and alleviates some discomfort. Having confinement soups like herbal soup and ginseng soup are very comforting to drink during this period.
  • Maternity essentials: Pads for post-pregnancy bleeding, sitting pillow, and cleaning items for wounds like cleaning potion, cotton balls, towels, and perhaps maternity wash as well.


4. For entertainment

The confinement period is not just about the baby and recovering. It might get quite boring to constantly be on bed rest and not doing anything aside from breastfeeding and eating. So, it is a good idea to keep yourself occupied with your hobbies or even pick up something new – watching dramas, reading books, knitting, listening to podcasts, or doing the crossword.


5. For confinement care

Now, this is one of the biggest questions to ask and answer before you head into your confinement; and that is, “Should I get a confinement nanny?” 


Whether you go through your confinement at home or at a confinement centre, engaging a confinement nanny is absolutely recommended. Not only are they experienced and professionals, but they also offer many services from maternity confinement care to baby care. They are able to whip up delicious confinement soups and scrumptious, healthy meals to boost your recovery, while also imparting knowledge on breastfeeding and how to better care for your newborn. All you need to prepare is a room or a space for them to rest and have some time to themselves if you will be going through your confinement at home.


If you’ve decided on getting a confinement nanny, you might want to look at confinement nanny services Singapore for a confinement package Singapore. And where better to consider than PEM Confinement Nanny Agency? 


Our confinement nannies are professionally trained to give quality services, among them preparing nutritious confinement dishes, preparing confinement herbs, providing day and night care for both mummy and baby, and even domestic chores and laundry to ease the burden on parents. What more can you ask for? 


So if you’re looking for a trustworthy confinement nanny who is able to do all that while also being your friend while you’re recuperating, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about our confinement nanny service today!


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