Confinement Herbal Package

Your comprehensive tonic package for your confinement

Confinement is an important phase for all mothers who experience childbirth. According to Traditional Chinese Medical studies, it is believed that if they do not receive sufficient and good medical care after labour, the aftermath could result in a series of complex health problems. With more than 30 years of Tradition Chinese Medical experience and specializing in both Prenatal Massage and Postnatal care service, we endeavour to aid post-delivery women in Singapore to recuperate rapidly during the confinement month.

Confinement Herbal Package

Your comprehensive tonic package for your confinement

Confinement is an important phase for all mothers who experience childbirth. According to Traditional Chinese Medical studies, it is believed that if they do not receive sufficient and good medical care after labour, the aftermath could result in a series of complex health problems. With more than 30 years of Tradition Chinese Medical experience and specializing in both Prenatal Massage and Postnatal care service, we endeavour to aid post-delivery women in Singapore to recuperate rapidly during the confinement month.


Confinement food is essential for newborn moms to replenish their health with great sustenance nutrition. Packed with herbs and beneficial ingredients, we have specially formulated the 28 Days of Confinement Herbal Soup to assist women in replenishing their blood and energy lost during delivery. Originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine’s “Yin Yang” 阴阳 and balance of “Qi” 气, our herbal soup concoction focuses on nourishing blood, enhancing breast milk, increasing vitality, calming nerves, and weight loss. Postpartum mothers can harness the healing benefits from Chinese traditional herbs and ingredients as they receive sufficient nutrients to recuperate and restore energy. With adequate care, well-planned confinement food dietary and our special formulated nutritious herbal soup, it is possible to improve and nurse post-delivery women’s physique and body back to health.

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28 Days Of Red Date Tea

Red dates tea is an essential confinement drink recommended by TCM practitioners as mums are weakened generally after delivery. Red dates tea help improve Qi, boost blood circulation and immune system. It is also a replacement for water intake during confinement.


28 Days Of Herbal Tonic Soup

During the postpartum period, there are four different stages which the soup is specially formulated to meet the nutrient requirements of the mother. According to TCM practitioners, confinement diet should be adjusted at each stage to restore her health during the confinement month. The herbs are freshly picked and conveniently packed into individual packets for each day’s confinement soup, saving the hassle for the confinement nanny and the family.


28 Days Supply Of Confinement Herbal Bath

A woman loses large amounts of “Qi” and blood during childbirth. This places her body in a “cold” phase. This “cold” phase leads to the accumulation of “wind” and weakens her body. According to TCM practitioners, it is important to restore the “Qi” and expel the excess “wind” during confinement to prevent the occurrence of “wind-dampness syndrome” (风湿 feng shi) in later age. Yokness Mom Series Confinement Herbal Bath mainly helps the mother to expel wind, improve blood circulation and reduce after birth pain. It makes the mother feels more comfortable after bath.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Herbs Important During Confinement?

Herbs are one of the essential elements of confinement. If you hire a confinement nanny, you may be given a confinement herbs list that you would need to prepare before their arrival or during their service period. These herbs each have health benefits for a new mother recovering from childbirth. Some of the common confinement herbs Singapore moms love that you would most likely come across in your confinement as well are the red dates, longans, wolfberries, and black fungus.

How Long Should I Consume Herbal Soups and Drinks?

Ideally, you should have herbal soup and drinks every day in your confinement. The confinement period usually differs from one culture to another and can even be done for a shorter or longer time period based on individual preferences. As the common confinement period is one month, the confinement herbal package Singapore mothers generally opt for would also normally come in packets that would last you for exactly a month or roughly four weeks.

Should I Take a Herbal Bath Daily in Confinement?

Traditionally, new mothers are advised to not bathe or wash their hair at all during the whole confinement period. It is believed that contact with water can cause issues like flu and cold as well as rheumatism later on. However, there is no scientific evidence supporting these. Plus, as you will be handling your newborn, you have to keep yourself clean at all times. Therefore, it is best to take a warm confinement herbal bath every day even when you are in confinement.

How Do I Prepare a Confinement Herbal Bath?

These days, the herbal bath confinement moms normally make is extremely simple to prepare. You can get the pre-packed bathing herbs so you do not have to find and gather various herbs individually. Typically, a big pack will contain smaller packets of bathing herbs. Simply boil and leave the ingredients to seep into the water until you are satisfied with how the herbal water turns out. Mix with your bath water and it is done!

What herbs are good for confinement?

Some of the best herbs for confinement include angelica sinensis (Dang Gui), Chinese yam (Huai Shan), and Solomon’s seal (Yu Zhu). Dang Gui helps promote blood circulation and regulate the immune system. Meanwhile, Huai Shan aid digestion and improve kidney and liver function. As for Yu Zhu, it helps improve lung health and reduce inflammation. Aside from consuming herbs, bathing using bath water prepared with herbal bath confinement packets may also help with your recovery.

Can I drink red date tea everyday?

Red dates tea is suitable for daily consumption during confinement. It is easy to prepare, and offers various health benefits for mothers. To improve the flavours and nutrition value of your red dates tea, you may brew it together with longan and wolfberries. Among many of the red date tea benefits, it helps to boost the immune system, replenish blood, and has natural antidepressant properties. Furthermore, red dates tea also promote womb and liver health, as well as improve digestion.

What should you not do during confinement?

The confinement period consists of a set of practices to help you heal and recharge after childbirth. Since you are still recovering from wounds, you should avoid any form of strenuous activity or exercise, such as lifting heavy things, or standing and walking for long hours. In terms of diet, keep your meals nutritious, and refrain from consuming spicy food, processed food, and alcohol. That said, you should keep everything in moderation and avoid overdosing on herbs and traditional supplements.

How do you use herbal bath in confinement?

For you to enjoy herbal baths during confinement without hassle, PEM offers confinement herbal bath package that come in 28 individual packets. All you have to do is put one herbal packet in boiling water and boil for about 15 to 30 minutes until you are satisfied with how the bath water turns out. The herbal bath confinement Singapore mothers practice offers plenty of benefits. For example, it dispels ‘wind’ and replenishes ‘qi’, stimulates blood circulation, and eases birth pain.

What food Cannot eat during confinement?

The food for confinement you consume will affect your body and can be transferred to your breastfed baby. Hence, there are certain foods that you should avoid. Firstly, skip caffeine and alcohol to protect your baby’s delicate digestive system. Also, avoid high-mercury seafood like tuna and king mackerels that may cause gastric problems. Furthermore, refrain from having highly salted food like canned food and salted fish, as they are high in sodium that can worsen your postnatal water retention issue.

How do you make a confinement herbal bath?

With our pre-packed confinement herbal package Singapore moms love, preparing your own warm herbal bath is as easy as boiling the sachets! Simply take one (or two, if you prefer a more concentrated herbal bath water) sachet out of the packaging and boil it. Let the herb seep into the water. Once you’re done, pour the boiled herbal water into a pail of more comfortable room-temperature bath water. Mix well and the bath water is ready for use!

Why must drink red date tea during confinement?

Red dates tea is regarded as the ultimate confinement beverage since the olden days, but why exactly? Simple – this drink carries extensive health benefits for postpartum mothers. Rich in vitamins and iron, it can help prevent anemia, boost your milk supply, and even help in getting rid of water weight. A premium confinement red date tea package is included in our confinement herbal range, so be sure to check it out or talk to our team for more information!

What herbs can I put in my bath?

With the long list of herbs available out there, it can be confusing to choose very few that can be beneficial for you, especially when trying to gather confinement bath herbs. Some of the best herbs to be included in your bath water include Fructus Viticis, and Blumea balsamifera, and lemongrass. Collectively, these herbs can be brewed and mixed with plain water to be made into your herbal bathwater. Apart from keeping your body warm, this herbal bath can expel wind from your body, improve blood circulation, and reduce body discomforts after birth. We have pre-packed herbal bath in our confinement package, so talk to us or browse through our page to find out more about it!

What food is good for confinement?

While things can seem overwhelming with the presence of your newborn in the house after birth, the main thing you have to focus on at this stage is your body’s needs. Since the delivery has most likely drain your energy, you need to refuel yourself with energy-boosting foods. Make sure to consume enough fluids and foods that are rich in iron, protein, and vitamins to help with the recovery. Keep your body warm but ensure proper hygiene by taking a confinement bath daily. If you need a helping hand, our confinement nanny is always ready to help you!

What is Chinese confinement food?

Confinement food is the food prepared for new mothers after giving birth throughout their confinement month. These foods are normally freshly-prepared and cooked with the finest ingredients without any unnecessary additives. As our confinement nannies are generally Chinese, you may be served with various dishes that taste herbal-like as they are prepared following the nanny’s traditional Chinese confinement food recipe knowledge. Fret not, our nannies are professionally-trained to cook up and serve a variety of dishes so that your taste buds will not get bored!

What do Chinese eat after giving birth?

Mothers are generally served with proper confinement foods within the first month after their childbirth which is known as the confinement month. Confinement foods have always had the reputation of being healthy and strong-tasting, but this is not always the case as evident from the various confinement recipes available out there. Due to olden-days Chinese belief, many mothers avoid certain foods like chicken and eggs in the first two weeks after birth, but there is little to no scientific evidence supporting this rule. The main thing to focus on is to eat foods that can boost your postpartum recovery and help with your breastfeeding as well.

What is postpartum confinement period?

Just like the name says, postpartum confinement period is the time where new mothers who have just given birth will mainly rest and recuperate before they go back to normal daily routine. The confinement period usually lasts for about a month, but this varies across races and cultures. During this period, moms will be served with confinement meals daily which would contain nourishing and natural ingredients. You can find confinement food recipe selection to learn more about the kinds of foods a new mom needs.

What are the benefits of red dates?

Red dates contain an abundance of health benefits that everyone can obtain. As they are rich in vitamin C, they are able to help protect the liver, reduce cholesterol, and strengthen the immune system. On top of that, red dates are commonly used in herbal concoctions as it is believed to be able to balance the formula. New mothers are widely advised to consume confinement red dates tea to help boost their postpartum recovery.