Confinement Herbal Package

Your comprehensive tonic package for your confinement

Confinement is an important phase for all mothers who experience childbirth. According to Traditional Chinese Medical studies, it is believed that if they do not receive sufficient and good medical care after labour, the aftermath could result in a series of complex health problems. With more than 30 years of Tradition Chinese Medical experience and specializing in both Prenatal Massage and Postnatal care service, we endeavour to aid post-delivery women in Singapore to recuperate rapidly during the confinement month.


Confinement food is essential for newborn moms to replenish their health with great sustenance nutrition. Packed with herbs and beneficial ingredients, we have specially formulated the 28 Days of Confinement Herbal Soup to assist women in replenishing their blood and energy lost during delivery. Originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine’s “Yin Yang” 阴阳 and balance of “Qi” 气, our herbal soup concoction focuses on nourishing blood, enhancing breast milk, increasing vitality, calming nerves, and weight loss. Postpartum mothers can harness the healing benefits from Chinese traditional herbs and ingredients as they receive sufficient nutrients to recuperate and restore energy. With adequate care, well-planned confinement food dietary and our special formulated nutritious herbal soup, it is possible to improve and nurse post-delivery women’s physique and body back to health.

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28 Days Of Red Date Tea

Red dates tea is an essential confinement drink recommended by TCM practitioners as mums are weakened generally after delivery. Red dates tea help improve Qi, boost blood circulation and immune system. It is also a replacement for water intake during confinement.

28 Days Of Herbal Tonic Soup

During the postpartum period, there are four different stages which the soup is specially formulated to meet the nutrient requirements of the mother. According to TCM practitioners, confinement diet should be adjusted at each stage to restore her health during the confinement month. The herbs are freshly picked and conveniently packed into individual packets for each day’s confinement soup, saving the hassle for the confinement nanny and the family.

28 Days Supply Of Confinement Herbal Bath

A woman loses large amounts of “Qi” and blood during childbirth. This places her body in a “cold” phase. This “cold” phase leads to the accumulation of “wind” and weakens her body. According to TCM practitioners, it is important to restore the “Qi” and expel the excess “wind” during confinement to prevent the occurrence of “wind-dampness syndrome” (风湿 feng shi) in later age. Ban Kah Chai Mom Series Confinement Herbal Bath mainly helps the mother to expel wind, improve blood circulation and reduce after birth pain. It makes the mother feels more comfortable after bath.