Dealing with Baby Blues after Child Birth

You have just delivered a beautiful baby. Naturally, you expect to bask in new bliss and celebrate the birth of your little angel with your family and loved ones.

However, rather than celebrating, you feel teary. Instead of joy and laughter, you feel anxiety, exhaustion, and somewhat emotional.

Unknown to many people, mood swings are frequent in new mothers, and this condition is often referred to as the baby blues.

Most women experience symptoms of the baby blues right after giving birth. It is a feeling triggered by the abrupt change in hormones following childbirth, lack of sleep, stress isolation, and fatigue.

As a result, women feel more overwhelmed and weepy. Typically, this condition starts a few days after childbirth and lasts for about two weeks.

Nevertheless, there are a myriad of ways to deal with baby blues after delivery, restore the joy associated with motherhood, and feel a lot better in this postpartum phase.

Here are a few ways you can deal with baby blues if you experience them.

Confinement services

You have been through a lot with the childbirth process, and it’s important to take notice of that. A bit of self-love and rest will go a long way, and this means freeing yourself from any ‘should-dos.’

Therefore, forget the household chores, to-do lists or shopping lists. Instead, get help from a confinement nanny who will perform all the household chores during your recovery period.

Moreover, inquire from the nanny whether they also offer massage services in the comfort of your abode.

Massage possesses therapeutic properties, which help in accelerating the healing process. Meanwhile, use the time to recover and cuddle that beautiful baby of yours.

Light exercise

While it is important not to do too much, light exercise can help to improve your mood by regulating your hormones during the postpartum period.

Put your child in a carrier or leave the dad in charge and take light walks or short runs around the block a few times a week. Exercise helps to free your mind from things, enhance your serotonin levels, and restore your body shape after pregnancy, which means an overall better self-esteem.

Additionally, going outside and catching fresh air helps to improve your mood and avoid the feeling of monotony that comes with nursing a baby in the house.

Moreover, you also are exposed to sunlight, which is a source of Vitamin D, for both you and the baby. So try to get outside at least once daily when the weather is cooperative.

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Fish oil

One of the highly advised supplements during postpartum is fish oil. Indeed, daily intake of fish oil will make a significant impact on your stress levels and mood as well as your overall emotional health.

You will feel less overwhelmed and stressed and more in control. You are less inclined to lose patience with your child or shed tears at the drop of anything like a cup.

Connect with family and friends

After giving birth, getting out of the house may be hard, but staying indoors with your baby round the clock may lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation, which may ultimately worsen your baby blues.

The newborn phase is, in fact, the easiest for connecting with family and friends. Infants sleep all the time so you can carry him or her to meet with your pals and ease those feelings of loneliness.


New mothers are typically told to sleep every time their baby sleeps. Well, that appears easier said than done. While the baby is sleeping, mothers tend to do other stuff like wash clothes, or if you have guests around, chat with them during the baby’s entire nap.

Having enough sleep and rest during those early days after childbirth will make a difference in your mood. Therefore, while you cannot sleep every time your baby is sleeping, you can rest at least once during your baby’s several naps during the day.

Talk about it

Finally yet most importantly, an excellent way to deal with your baby blues is to talk about it with your husband.

By withholding your emotions and failing to disclose them, it merely makes things worse since you will feel like your husband doesn’t know or understand what you are experiencing.

Well, how can he understand if you don’t tell him? By acknowledging your feelings and talking about them with your husband, you can find ways to deal with the stress and emotions of being fatigued, which all helps you feel a lot better.

Closing words

If you’re facing postpartum baby blues, consider trying out the ideas above, and get back on the road to feeling better again.

Should you still be feeling down and not know how to deal with baby blues, we recommend looking for confinement lady services, and you could look through confinement nanny agency review testimonials to see how you could benefit from such services.

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