The Postpartum Experiences No One Tells a New Mom

Chances are you have made Google your best friend throughout your pregnancy. You would research on all things revolving around pregnancy and the experience of childbirth.

Some of the stories you come across are cool, yet others are quite horrifying – but you would naturally brush them off. “These are things that can never happen to me,” you might comfort yourself with these words at times.

After all, you have possibly done all the reading you can lay your hands on, performed all the recommended exercises in preparation for childbirth, and even started your survey on antenatal clinics. You may have even joined all clubs for new mums in Singapore that you have come across. You are then exposed to various information in these platforms that will equip you further as a parent.

With the extra miles you take to prepare yourself, you may think you are ready to go. In fact, you are probably just waiting for the time to check in to the hospital and meet your cute little angel. However, the truth is, nothing can prepare you for what lies ahead.

The experience that you are about to have is unique to all individuals and can be challenging differently to different people who experience it. Learn more on what to expect here.

Pregnancy Can Be Hard to Happen to Some

For some couples, getting pregnant is easier than most while for some others, not so much. Most couples after marriage may purposely take some time to enjoy their honeymoon phase before trying for kids.

However, when the time comes for them, they realise it is not as easy as what was learnt in biology lessons. They spend quite some years trying to get pregnant, and the pressure weighs them down.

Does this sound like you? If you are in the same boat, it is totally normal to feel down, but you should never give up! There are a lot of couples out there who managed to get pregnant after years of watching the word “negative” displayed on the pregnancy test tool.

When it finally happens, you will be on cloud nine and the best part is at least you have been preparing for it to happen for some time by then!

The Mess

The prenatal period is quite long and draining. They tell you it is the best time of your life but in truth, as the pregnancy progresses, you may go through quite the opposite. You battle with all sorts of discomforts from morning sickness, wary hormones, back pains to insomnia — you get it, the list is endless.

No one had quite told you about these things. On top of it all, you still have to frequently attend to your crying baby who is hungry for milk.

Every day, make sure to set some postnatal care time apart for yourself so that you can recover properly, letting your body rest from having to do anything.

If you are struggling to juggle your recovery and taking care of your newborn, seek help from your family members or go for professional services like confinement nanny or confinement meal delivery so that at least the important elements of your confinement are taken care of.

Newborns Are Not Necessarily Easier to Take Care

Newborns Are Not Necessarily Easier to Take Care - PEM

You may think you have fewer things to worry about when your newborn is at earlier stages of life, but you are likely wrong too!

Sure, they are not yet able to crawl everywhere or pick up dangerous items on the kitchen counter, but many newborns experience discomforts that they are unable to express with any other way than crying.

This can lead to hours of crying every day. If your little one has colic, that means even fewer hours of sleep for you as a parent.

Learn everything you can from general knowledge, tips, and even tricks that can be of help for you caring for a newborn. If you are able to find them, do reach out to nannies who take care of newborns in the community and ask any questions you would need answers to.


With the chaos taking place all around you, it is no wonder that some moms easily develop anxiety during the postnatal period. You are most possibly going to worry about everything.

If you once enjoyed a sound sleep, you will not, at least for some time. You will wake up to check on your baby even when your baby is soundly asleep. All sorts of questions will run through your mind on the well-being of your child.

If your child does not attain a particular milestone like teething, you will start to worry again. It is almost like there are always reasons to worry, one after another.

Being worried is extremely normal but do not let it weigh you down. Babies develop at different rates, so just enjoy your motherhood and their infancy stage for now!

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Breastfeeding Can Be Tough

You must have come across mothers talking about the wonderful experience of breastfeeding their babies.

The truth is that some people do not find it as enjoyable as they make it to be. Immediately after giving birth, you probably expect yourself to have milk ready in your body, ready to breastfeed immediately.

The truth is that breast milk may take up to four days before it comes out. Once it does, the whole exercise of breastfeeding may not be as easy as you thought. You will require the help of the nurse to help baby latch.

Some mothers experience cracked nipples and breastfeeding becomes a painful experience for them. Talk to the nurses to train you until you can do it right before leaving the hospital. Learn proper ways of boosting breast milk from professionals so you can equip yourself with useful knowledge and skills.

Lochia: Bleeding After Delivery

Lochia is a virginal discharge that comes immediately after a woman gives birth. Once you give birth, you may think you will experience the usual bleeding, and that’s it.

However, the bleeding may take longer than you think. No amount of maternity sanitary pads will be enough to keep you dry. You will require changing your sanitary pads frequently to manage the situation.

When you think it has cleared, it may start all over again without even a warning. Therefore, in case you are planning to step outdoors, remember to carry sanitary wear or just put them on. It will save you the trouble.

Closing words

Despite all these, there are still many mothers who embrace pregnancy and motherhood. This is where the magic lies – No matter what upsetting experience you may face, in the end, it will all be worth it when you hold the little bundle of joy in your arms. The sight of your little one takes all the pain away.

Pat yourself on the back and embrace motherhood with grace and gratitude. If it all seems too overwhelming for you, do consider enlisting the assistance of a confinement helper to find out how a confinement nanny package will be of assistance to you in this period. Should you be interested, feel free to go through our confinement lady Singapore reviews and testimonials off our website.

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