Preparing for the arrival of your baby

The expectation of a baby will fill you with joy. Unlike in the past when one could say a baby was a surprise, today’s advancements in technology have helped parents learn more about their child, even before birth. Parents can even know the gender of the baby while still in the womb. These medical advancements allow you enough time to make the necessary preparations for the arrival of the baby.

You will require several adjustments before the baby is born. Some of them will affect the family, the mother or the environment. Nevertheless, this should never be hectic when you know the joy awaiting you on the other side. In Singapore, expectant mothers have a sixteen-week paid maternity leave, which is adequate to help you adjust to having a new kid in the house. If you are not in any formal employment, your spouse can step in and support you financially until you can leave the baby at home to continue with your work or any income generating activity. Alternatively, some parents in Singapore would look for a confinement nanny to help them to adjust for a smooth parenthood. The following are some of the preparations you should make before your child is born.

  1. Inform Your Friends

This could look a bit obvious. However, informing your closest friends means they can help you adjust to your new parenthood. They can even put in effort to ensure you get the best confinement nanny. If you are lucky to have allies who have had the same experience, they will walk you through the journey and offer their support. They can also offer advice on some of the things to expect along the journey and how to cope with difficulties along the way.

  1. Prenatal Test

You don’t want to buy a lot of clothes for a girl, only to get a boy. Let your physicians take some tests to determine the gender of the baby. This will help you with your shopping. You will put into consideration the kind of clothes to buy for your new baby. The test will also determine any anomalies before the child is born. Your doctor will be able to tell if the delivery of the baby will be normal.

  1. Clean Your Environment and Clothes

Babies are sensitive and so are their mothers. To keep away from some complications, make sure your house, beddings, carpets, floors, and ceilings are sparkling clean all the time. The compound should also be free from dust. Ensure that you keep clothes clean to avoid the last minute rush. All these activities are always overwhelming for an expectant woman, but with a professional confinement nanny, you have nothing to worry about.

  1. Keep a Diary

Many people may not be used to this, but it can be very easy. Just dedicate five minutes to jot down your experiences with the newborn. This will help to trace your health records and emotional wellbeing. Pen down any unusual experiences. The diary will also help you keep track of important items that you need before and after delivery.

  1. Make Necessary Adjustments

There are some essentials which are unavoidable. You have to alter your car, bedroom and any other necessary place. Buy a toddler’s car chair and fix it in your vehicle. Ensure that you have a cot and place it in a position that fits the baby. Most importantly, you will also have to adjust your diet. You may be used to fatty foods and an unbalanced diet, but you have to do away with that and embrace a healthier diet. It is always advisable to have your meal plan before and after delivery. Ensure those around you know how to prepare your meals to make it easy.

  1. Keep You Medical Plan Ready

Choose your doctor and your baby’s doctor early. Make sure they know the period they should expect you. Ensure that you have planned for medical expenses and which includes your newborn’s health expenses too. The preparation will help to reduce last minute panic because you cannot find your appointment card or the physician is not on duty. However, apart from your medical expenses, set aside an emergency budget just in case your cover is not adequate.

Preparation for a newborn can never be truly comprehensive. However, with these basic ideas, you can have a good to-do list that will help you avoid extreme outliers. Take time and arrange for all the necessary items and services that you will require before your baby arrives. Visit a confinement nanny agency and get one that suits you. That way, you will enjoy a peace of mind when the baby finally comes around.

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