Confinement Red Dates Tea

Confinement Red Dates Tea for Recovery after Childbirth

Water retention is a common issue for postpartum mommy. According to Chinese Tradition, it is not recommended to drink plain water to prevent abdominal swelling. While we believe water intake is still crucial in keeping you hydrated, red dates tea carries abundant health benefits that you should reap! Red date tea is known to be rich in iron and vitamins. It is recommended to mix red dates, bei qi and other herbs to strengthen the spleen and stomach, replenish “Qi”, nourish the blood, and tranquilize the mind. As a part of our Confinement Herbal Package, these confinement red dates tea will be prepared for you by our confinement nanny!

What is Red Dates Tea?

Confinement Red Dates Tea also called the jujube or Chinese date comes from the jujube tree. Originally from China, this tree is mainly found in Asia, America, the south of France and Algeria in the region of Annaba which is nicknamed “the city of jujube trees”.

This fruit is known to be used in Asian or Arabic cuisine to make delicious pastries, jams and even savory dishes, and also were used as confinement tea.

Although little is known in some other parts of the world, the red dates tea is rich in vitamins and has many benefits. Its consumption will thus allow you to have vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and calcium. Without speaking about its antioxidant virtues, the jujube is a fruit which deserves to be better known.

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Why Use Red Dates Tea for Confinement

The red dates tea is full of benefits for new mothers, from boosting breast milk to preventing anaemia, and especially when it comes to recovering from childbirth.

  • Treats Water Retention: During the postnatal period, adding in red dates tea to your daily confinement food menu can help reduce the severity of your water retention.
  • Minimizes Free Radicals: Containing antioxidant properties, this beverage fights against the development of free radicals and promotes good health after childbirth. 

The body of women produces radicals during pregnancy and child delivery. The antioxidants in Red dates help in erasing those radicals and prevent the body from releasing new ones during the postpartum confinement period.

  • Prevents Anaemia: After giving birth, of course, moms will have a newly-added routine namely breastfeeding. Waking up in the middle of the night until you have to stay up late because your little one is fussy about suckling is one of the routines that Moms will face.

This habit of staying up late and lack of sleep can destabilize and disrupt the production of red blood cells. Especially if you are breastfeeding while fasting, you will definitely feel very weak. Therefore, you should regularly drink red dates tea, because it contains vitamins that can help form red blood cells and avoid the risk of anaemia.

  • Smooth Breastfeeding: Apart from preventing anaemia, dates are also useful for ensuring good supply and smooth flow of breast milk. If you feel that your milk production is not smooth, drinking red dates tea for confinement may be the solution that works for you!

Breastfeeding - PEM Confinement

  • Forming Teeth & Strengthening Bones: If you regularly consume red date tea during the confinement period after childbirth, the benefits are not only felt by you, but your little one also feels it.

The iron and calcium content in dates can help speed up the process of forming teeth in babies.

Not only that, breast milk is also proven to be able to strengthen bones in children.

Red dates tea certainly should be one of the default items in your confinement food menu.

This herbal tea is a healthy drink that has been passed down from one generation to another among mothers to boost the process of restoring health, maintaining health and stamina. 

Many moms drink red dates tea every day and even regard it as a substitute for plain water. It is believed to help in increasing stamina after delivery, improving blood circulation, and keeping your body warm during the confinement period.

Where can I get the confinement red dates tea?

You might be surprised, but it is actually very easy to find. If you look for TCM-based shops, they may have pre-packed sachets of red dates tea which you can easily prepare simply by boiling them. You can also get it when you engage with any confinement food Singapore delivery provider. The most convenient option, of course, is to have your nanny from PEM Confinement Nanny Agency prepare it for you at any time you wish to have them!

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Additional note: Mothers who have just given birth need extra nutrition and energy to be able to undergo the postpartum recovery process properly. In addition, caring for your newborn also requires extra energy. Therefore, we highly advise you to supply yourself with proper nutrition so that you can recover well and steadily!