CL Checklist: Getting the Best Confinement Nanny in Town

          Having a confinement nanny by your side throughout your first month after delivery can either be a sweet dream or a nightmare – there is hardly an in-between. Still, there are steps you could take to ensure that you are getting the best confinement nanny service. As luck would have it, your internet surfing took you to this very checklist. Use it as a guide when choosing your confinement nanny so you can have a wonderful and stress-free confinement period! 

    1) Experience

          If you can find it out, go for a nanny with a minimum of 2 to 3 years. Experienced nannies will be able to guide you well on newborn care and postnatal healing. As they have encountered a lot of cases before, they will know what to do when you feel like a situation that is out of ordinary arises. This will especially help first-time parents to remain calm in an alarming situation. It’s almost like having a guardian in your house!

    2) Knowledge and Expertise

          They do not necessarily have to be highly-educated, but having enough knowledge on how to handle a baby and postnatal mom is a must. Like many new moms, there may be unexpected issues you will face during this crucial period, whether it involves the growth of your newborn or your postpartum recovery.

          If you can meet or talk to your CL before right away having them come over to your house after delivery, grab that chance! You can test their knowledge by providing a situation (e.g. if your newborn cries non-stop, even after fed) and ask for their answer on how they would resolve the situation. 

    3) Extra Space

          If you and your partner have agreed on getting a full-time confinement nanny, you will need to provide a proper and private room for her. Just like you and your partner, your CL also needs their privacy to have a rest, sleep, shower, and change. A confinement nanny is seldom demanding in regards to this aspect so a simple well-ventilated room is more than enough.

          Even if you go for a part-time CL, there should be certain areas around the house where the CL can take some time to sit down and rest in between duties. Remember, they need to eat as well. Given that their job revolves around dealing with your baby, accidents like if your milk spilling or your baby spitting up can happen. Therefore, providing a space for them to change comfortably is advised as well.

   4 ) Principles

          It is a good thing if your CL has certain traditional or medicinal beliefs that she holds on to as this means she has a lot of experience or studies well. Nevertheless, you should always have the freedom to say no. No matter who is guiding you throughout your confinement period – your mother, mother-in-law, or confinement lady – there is always a possibility that you will disagree with one or two things they advise you to do. 

          Always maintain mutual respect so you will be able to meet each other halfway on good terms. No practice that you do not wish to follow should be forced upon you. Going back to point no.2, having the opportunity to interact with your CL before the commencement of her service will be advantageous as you can compromise about this.

   5 ) Age

          Opt for a younger CL if it takes more effort to manage things around your place. This is a pretty subjective matter and one you would not particularly care for. However, if you live in a double-story house or a place that requires frequent stairs-climbing, you might want to opt for a younger, fitter confinement nanny for the sake of their wellbeing.

          Otherwise, going for an older CL would be a feasible decision if there aren’t such concerns! In fact, an older CL can be a blessing for you and your partner. Often, these older confinement nannies come with an abundance of knowledge, tips, and lessons to share. Even if you are not a first-time parent, you would be surprised by how behind you can be in baby care knowledge. With their aid, you can heal from your delivery wounds better and rest better knowing your baby is in the care of safe, loving hands.

   6 ) Security and recourse 

          Agencies normally provide immediate replacements if the assigned CL does not fit you. With a freelance CL, you have no other option but to stick with them throughout the whole month. If you deal with an agency, you do not have to worry about your CL’s work permit (if she is not a Singapore citizen or PR). Your CL will be sent to your house immediately upon your discharge from the hospital and agencies will guarantee the arrival of a nanny at your door. Plus, agencies normally take complaints seriously and require feedback from parents after or during the service of the CL at their place. As such, you can be assured that the quality of their confinement nannies is top-notch.

   7 ) Attitude

          Imagine living under the same roof with someone you cannot stand; a week can feel like a dragged-out month. Conversely, staying with a person who behaves well and genuinely cares for your health will make you want to live with them even longer! 

          This is why attitude plays a huge role in how your confinement nanny will fit in with you and the rest of the family members. You deserve a CL with a good attitude near you during the month to not only make your confinement bearable but also memorable. A lot of moms fall into depression after birth and would like to forget the pain they went through during the critical month. Hence, being assisted by a CL with a poor attitude is the last thing you need at this time when you are physically and emotionally fragile. 

          See others’ reviews on the CL you are choosing or mention your concerns to the agency so they will be able to personally address your worries.

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   8 ) Cost

1) Service rate

          On average, the price of a full-time, live-in confinement nanny can range from $2,300 to $5,000 for the whole month (the rate may spike up during festive seasons like Chinese New Year). If you can secure a good CL at a low price, good for you! However, survey more until you can compare several options. Look into what benefits they offer in their confinement care package. Certain confinement nannies can prepare daily herbal baths for you. There is also a postnatal massage package offered by the agency to give you the benefits of slimming you down and speeding up the recovery process.

2) Meals

          Your CL will prepare confinement food for you. However, you are expected to prepare the money for grocery shopping (if you would like your confinement nanny to perform this task for you. Otherwise, leave it to the husband!). They might willingly cook meals for your partner or other family members too if your family is not big enough. However, you may be required to pay an additional cost if you want her to cook for a large group of people. The cost mainly depends on how many people your CL will have to cook for.

3) Tip

          Keep in mind that you are expected to prepare angbao (red pocket) for your CL on the day of their arrival and on their last day. This is considered as a token of appreciation for taking good care of you and your newborn. Based on research, parents generally give approximately $20 to $80 on the first day and increase the amount (ranging from $80 to $300) on their last day. The amount is up to each couple’s discretion, but they would typically give a higher amount on the last day if they deem the CL’s service to be excellent. Most importantly, discuss with your partner and give what you can afford.

          Like men, the good confinement nannies are quickly taken so you want to get off to a good start! With this checklist, you are now well-prepared to embark on your CL quest. Don’t thank us yet! Come back and share your experience with us after you have gotten the best confinement nanny Singapore, parents like you and your partner have been looking for! Until then, PEM Confinement wish you the best in your parenthood journey!