What to Consider When Looking for a Confinement Nanny

As your Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD) is nearing, there are now somehow more concerns filling your head. Anxious thoughts flood your mind every now and then. All you see everywhere are experienced parents describing the first month of having a baby like a nightmare. Who is going to help take care of the baby that’s about to pop out of you? Is your newborn checklist really sufficient? What if there’s something else you’re missing and why do you feel so ill-prepared? Can you even handle THIS big of a responsibility?

OR this is not your first time. You’ve been through it before. You know you cannot handle this on your own. Is there anything you can do besides internally screaming for someone to give a hand?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, we know exactly what you need – an assistant. But NOT just any assistant! You need one that knows how to handle things, especially you and your baby. What do you need? A confinement nanny! But first, make sure to review these before getting one!

1) The necessity of their roles in your house

Unfortunately, a lot of parents underestimate how difficult having a baby can be. If you truly believe all a baby does is sleep, eat, and poop, you’re in for a huge surprise. They can cry for longer than all of these activities combined – especially if your baby has colic. A mommy crying while holding their crying baby is a much more common scenario than you would imagine. Just because it is not portrayed on your Instagram feed as much as quiet sleeping babies’ pictures or videos are, does not mean it does not happen. A visit and a bit of scroll down the parenthood community forum will prove otherwise within a minute. Go over the duties of a confinement nanny so you are certain that they are exactly what you need in your house.

2) Experience

A lot of nannies are trained not only by their experience of being a nanny but also by their own experience of being a mother and giving birth. They would know the kind of pain you are having even if you are not the best at describing it – because they have been there. If you want to take extra precautions, you can get a nanny from agencies as they are normally certified and professionally-trained. These nannies would normally be trained from time to time when they are not serving new mothers. Ask confinement nanny agencies around you and they would be more than glad to disclose such information.

3) Agency vs Freelance

In relation to the previous point, you should be aware that you have several options to get your nanny from; either the freelance or agency one. This depends not only on your budget but also on the nanny’s credibility. Plus, it is also important to note that agencies are better in terms of flexibility and timing. A freelance nanny may or may not be able to set their schedule free right after your delivery. Likewise, if you would like an extension of their service after the initial fixed period ends, it might not be so convenient on the nanny’s side as they might have already been offered the next job right after their service with you ends. An agency, on the other hand, will be able to cater to you as they have a number nannies on hand so the nannies’ timing and schedule are highly flexible. Hence, you can rest assured that whenever your EDD is or whether you want to lengthen their stay in your house – it is all up to you.

4) Lifestyle after birth

Nowadays, a lot of mothers are reluctant to get a confinement nanny because they feel like they are hiring someone to nag at them. While a lot of mothers who have hired confinement nannies will tell you otherwise, this concern is completely justified. Some confinement nannies do incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices into their care service and encourage mothers to follow traditional confinement ‘rules’. Mothers, in general, are either willing to comply with it or completely against the idea of it which can affect them coming to a decision regarding getting a confinement nanny. Most of the time, modern mothers would like to go back to their unconventional lifestyle right after their birth wounds begin to heal. If you can get in touch with your confinement nanny prior to hiring them, this is among the things you need to set straight. You should always be able to reject any practices that you are not keen on doing, and a good confinement nanny will be understanding of it.

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5) Benefits

We save the best for the last! Finding a confinement nanny that suits your home does not have to be head-scratching all the way. Sometimes you get to compare all the pros between your options. The service of a confinement nanny normally includes practical benefits especially if you are considering getting one from agencies. You may get offers ranging from discounted sessions of postnatal massage or herbal baths packages and preparations. Nothing but good stuff to look forward to!

While finding the best confinement nanny recommendation is not as easy as just browsing through the online forum, it is not an impossible quest as well. You can directly call agencies and let them know your concerns and worries. Many mothers claim to have had a smooth, stress-free confinement period due to the presence of a confinement nanny in their houses. See, a little bit of effort can earn you a relaxing confinement period! So good luck and hire away!