What Are Confinement Ladies, and Are They Really Worth the Money?

Imagine that you’ve just given birth and now you’re back at home. The laundry is piling up just like your work, your baby is crying, your partner is at work, and the house chores are seemingly endless. What do you do?

Let’s just save you all that hassle once and for all by breaking it down if it’s worth hiring a confinement lady…or, if one of your parents will suffice.

We know that there are confinement centres and we know that we can confine ourselves at home while we recover. We also know that there are three types of confinement assistance that we can get – a confinement lady who is freelance, a confinement lady from an agency, and a family member who is free.

What are confinement ladies?

Confinement ladies are not just mere babysitters. No, they are so much more than that. They take care of babies, yes, but they also help take care of you and lighten your load so that you can focus on recuperating post-delivery.

What are their duties/responsibilities?

These ladies, especially our PEM nannies, look after your newborn, prepare your meals, run you a herbal bath, do some laundry, they basically do everything necessary so that you can rest up.

Why do you need them?

We all know just how demanding those little bundles of joy can be. They’re the original quick-charge technology – sleeping for an hour or two and then keeping us up the rest of the night.

Alright, that might just be an exaggeration, but babies do have sporadic/unpredictable sleeping patterns which may make getting a good night’s sleep that much harder to achieve.

That’s why you need someone to help with handling the newborn. If you are a first time mother, this can all be an overwhelming experience for you which leads to stress and that same stress is not conducive for recovery at all. It might even make you more stressed emotionally.

Are they really worth it?

This brings up the question, are they then really worth it?

We break down worth into two different definitions for you. There’s worth in the traditional sense of the word – value for what you are paying. Then there’s also the worth in the sense of monetary worth.

While those two definitions may look similar, let us go through them individually to see how a confinement nanny fits into them.

Monetary Worth

While confinement nannies are at a minimum of $4000, you won’t need to navigate the headache of permits and such if you’re hiring with an agency like PEM.

What are you getting then, for that amount?

Remember that with maids, they are jack of all trades which means that they take care of the house chores, some may be able to take care of the baby, and some may even cook. However, they may not be experienced in confinement care.

Think about it this way, if you were to hire a maid for the baby and a confinement food service, another maid for the house chores, etc, these costs add up.

What Are Confinement Ladies, and Are They Really Worth the Money (2)

Having a confinement lady will take care of all that as she is a comprehensive confinement care specialist who will prepare your confinement meals, sweeping and mopping the floor, taking care of your baby, giving baby care and breastfeeding guidance, and, as we’ve mentioned, run herbal baths for you.

In this sense, you are saving in the long run. That is well worth it from a monetary standpoint.

Value Worth

Say that you’ve hired a maid and spent all that just to get her here, but now you find that she’s not able to meet your expectations.

If you hire from an agency like ourselves, we offer two free replacements to ensure that you get that worry and stress-free recovery experience.

Confinement nannies who are from a reputable agency are also professionally trained to take care of postpartum mothers and newborns. This leaves you more time to rest and focus on what’s really important – recovery and bonding with your baby.

Added Benefit

One more additional benefit that you’ll get from opting for a confinement lady would be that you’ll end up saving the cost of caring for other family members in addition to yourself.

We spoke earlier about confinement caterers. These services usually are just for the mummy. What about daddy? If you’ve got other children, what about them? That’s an additional cost to take into account.

While this may differ from agency to agency and even from one freelancer to another in terms of cost (for groceries, transportation, add-on packages, etc), it will still be more affordable than hiring another pair of hands just to prepare meals for your family. 


We hope we have answered your question of “is confinement nanny necessary”. Regardless, whether you are looking for a confinement lady to live with until you recover or just a day confinement nanny to take care of you for a bit and share the load, we have your needs covered. Just drop by our website and leave us an enquiry today!

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