Top Nine Ways of Boosting Breast Milk

A new mom may experience breast milk shortages as it may take 3-20 days to recover from the delivery procedure. During this period, milk comes at a slower pace making the mother strained during breastfeeding. Another reason for low milk production may be a poor diet or as a result of anxiety and stress. A mother may also experience low milk production during the first delivery as the body takes its time to fully adapt to the changes.

Inadequate milk supply to the baby may have adverse effects because breast milk is the safest for the baby’s consumption. Low milk supply may discourage the mother and make her give up on nursing. The loss of blood during delivery may affect milk production as blood makes up the milk. There are natural ways that are helpful to a mother in boosting breast milk. You can seek the advice of a confinement nanny on how to enhance your milk production. Otherwise, here are top proven ways of promoting breast milk supply during your confinement:

Massage Your Breast

When nursing your baby, it is advisable to massage the breasts close to your chest and more so towards the nipple. Allow the newborn to breastfeed from the massaged breast and repeat this with the other one. Massaging promotes blood flow creating more space for more milk. This is a natural way of getting rid of chest pains especially if the mother has not breastfed the baby for many hours.

Practise Balanced Diet

Consuming balanced foods to increase breast milk is the easiest and effective way for a mother who is in the lactation period. Include vegetables, proteins, fruits, some little fat and grains in your diet. Using garlic, mint, and onion adds taste to the breast milk. This makes the baby want to suckle more, emptying the breast and thus creating space for more milk. Or you may seek advice from confinement food services or hire a day time confinement nanny around you. 

Consume Adequate Amount of Herb

Singapore is rich in unique herbs that are said to help promote a nursing mom’s breast milk production. Fenugreek is an amazing seed used in cooking which has a positive effect on milk production. Consulting a medical doctor is advisable before using any herbal supplements during the lactation period.

Drink a Lot of Water

Water is another critical aspect of ensuring you have adequate milk supply for your baby. Staying hydrated boosts milk production but the water should be distilled to ensure it is safe. It is recommendable for a mother to take at least eight glasses of water daily to avoid dehydration. It is essential to always have a bottle of distilled water next to you when nursing.

Keep Nursing

When the baby is hungry, and you feel that your breasts do not have milk, allow the baby to suckle. In the process of nursing, more milk will be produced. The baby’s mouth stimulates your body to produce more milk, and thus it is important to nurse your baby frequently.

Pump After Nursing

Regular pumping, especially after nursing, is a creative way of building a large stash. Pumping should start early for a smoother transition. There are various stores in Singapore where you can get a suitable breast pump. Pumping helps empty the breast giving more room for more milk production.

Wear the Right Bra

A tight bra has detrimental effects on your breasts which also affects the milk flow. A wrong bra may lead to plugged ducts making you uncomfortable, thus impossible for milk to get out of the painful part of the breast. With the right bra, you will be comfortable even when the baby is sucking, allowing more space for milk production.

Switch Sides

It is important to nurse using both sides of your breasts to stimulate milk flow from each breast. When your breast feels empty, try turning the baby slowly to the other breast. This helps create more space for both breasts, hence encouraging more milk production.

Get Close to Your Baby

When you stay close to your newborn, there is a release of oxytocin and prolactin hormones. These hormones promote milk production. A strong mother-baby bond creates an active cycle which supports continued breastfeeding.

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Adopting the above ways will help you improve milk production. Every mother would like to see her baby grow well and thus these ideas are helpful in ensuring the child does not starve. A well-balanced diet and high amounts of water are extraordinary ways of providing you with enough breast milk.


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