Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Go For A Post Natal Massage

In Singapore, it is becoming increasingly common for a new mother to receive full massage during the postpartum period after childbirth. In this culture, and also in other Asian countries, it is an important time to regenerate the body and rejuvenate the mind. 

The post natal massage after delivery, given some time after childbirth, is a very virtuous massage. It’s a real break for the young mother, sometimes the first since birth. I am often told after the postpartum massage “ah how good I feel about my body!” Is indeed one of the benefits of post-pregnancy massage: reconnecting with what has changed.

Should I Get Postnatal Massage?

The postpartum period for both mothers and newborn babies are as essential as the prenatal and antepartum period during pregnancy. Postpartum period is where the mother recovers from the amount of stress taken in by the body during childbirth and regains your health for effective nursing as well as to bounce back to your typical life.   

This is also the period where you would welcome your newborn baby and your focus may be almost, if not 100% on them. Although first-time mothers can experience nervousness and overwhelming feelings, these emotions are completely normal and this is why the relaxation from postnatal massage after delivery is very much sought after.

Massages usually help in keeping you relaxed and rested both physically, mentally, and emotionally as it promotes the reduction of stress and better blood circulation for a faster healing process. Aside from stress reduction and promotion of the healing process, we have also broken down several more benefits of postnatal massage for you as a mother!

Why You Should Get Post Maternity Massage

  1. Massages ease pain and soreness of muscles

Childbirth indeed strained most of your muscles and you can only feel the pain once the whole process is over. After childbirth and the first days of maternity, massage allows you to gently reclaim your body, ease tensions and take care of yourself, your interior.

Usually, muscle pains occur at the lower back, hips, and the abdomen—these are the muscles that are used particularly during childbirth. Massaging these areas provide relief and comfort as massage techniques usually stretch and enable better circulation along these areas.

  1. It helps in regulating your postpartum hormones

Hormones are usually at peak during pregnancy and immediately decrease after delivery. A good massage helps in regulating post-partum hormones such as prolactin and oxytocin.

These two hormones are the ones responsible for the stimulation of breast milk which the baby can greatly benefit from. There are hormones that are responsible for mood balance and emotions and a good massage can also help in maintaining their balance.

  1. It facilitates the healing process after childbirth

When you give birth to a child, it is inevitable to tear a few of your muscles and also your skin. A good postpartum massage would help in relaxing tired and strained muscles. Massages also promote better circulation and good blood flow. 

A good blood flow towards a traumatized tissue or muscle promotes faster healing as the components of the blood triggers cell repairs. The blood flow is also helpful in flushing toxins towards the filtering organs found inside the body system and out of the body. You can decide to hire post natal massage home service when your delivery time is close.

A good postpartum massage is also an excellent way to relax and give you some time alone to meditate and de-stress. Just be sure to hire an experienced, knowledgeable, and well-equipped individual who can perform these post-natal massages with adequate experiences. 

You can check out various confinement centres in Singapore to look for a confinement nanny that can best fit your needs and preferences. Having someone skilled and professional to perform a post-partum massage on you is truly beneficial as it improves not only your inner health but also excellent for your overall well-being.

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Benefits of Getting Postnatal Massage Home Service

As a part of postpartum care, employing a postnatal confinement nanny for yourself or your wife is something you shouldn’t have to give a second thought before investing in. Postpartum care can help to relieve stress, physical, mental and emotional fatigue. It can help reduce the symptoms of baby blues. 

Indeed, the postpartum period is a time when you often do not sleep much, where you have often accumulated a lot of fatigue following childbirth. Getting a massage also means being cocooned and taking a moment to rest and rest, to regenerate. If you came here looking for a reason to get a postnatal massage, we believe you have found it!