The Secret to A Speedy Recovery for C Section Moms

Feeling your baby kick inside you is terrific. Right from the first trimester when you have to deal with drastic psychological and physiological changes, such as body cramps and constipation when pregnant, the feeling can be both overwhelming and draining.

As the third-trimester approaches, your health provider will discuss your birth plan and what to expect. Most mothers plan or hope for a natural delivery free from any problems. You may plan for such a birth, but it does not always happen.

Not to mention, there may arise some circumstances that can potentially lead to a C-section birth, against your expectations or plans.

Regardless, we know that the most important thing for a mother is meeting the little angel whose arrival has long been anticipated.

Once you go through the C-section, you may require more time to heal than the virginal birth. The recovery period will depend on the kind of care you are receiving and your body’s immune system.

If you just went through one, here are tips that will help you spring back to good health faster than you thought:

Good Nutrition

Excellent nutrition is as vital as it was during your prenatal period. For you to regain your health quickly, you will require feeding with foods in pregnancy that will boost your immunity.

Focus on fruits and vegetables that will help your body heal. Take adequate soups and fluids to ensure your body is hydrated throughout the day. Approach your diet with a balanced mindset.

Take foods from all food classes but ensure the proteins and vitamins are more than the starches. Singapore has adequate soups and recommended diets for mothers who have just given birth. Talk to your nutritionist for a guide on some of the best foods for a speedy recovery.

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After the operation, try getting out of bed as soon as you can. The earlier you start walking, the better for you.

You may find it difficult getting out of bed initially and walking may seem like a far-fetched dream. You will feel dizzy, and your body may ache due to the incision.

When getting out of bed, do so with support from either the nurse or your family members. They can help you walk around to prevent you from falling off.

After a few days of short walks, your body will start getting used to the movement and you will soon be able to do it on your own. Walking will also ensure you do not experience any clots. Such an exercise facilitates blood flow to the rest of the body.

Get Adequate Rest

A C-section is a major operation. Your body requires sufficient time to rest and repair the tissues and trauma that you experienced during the process.

Once you leave the hospital, arrange to get someone who will help you run errands. Your spouse can visit a confinement center in Singapore and hire the services of a professional confinement nanny.

With such a nanny, you will have adequate time to rest and bond with your baby. You can take turns cuddling the baby with the nanny. She can also prepare nutritious meals and soups for you to speed up the recovery.

Manage Constipation

The type of medication you take after the operation coupled with your hormones may slow down your digestion. Passing stool may be difficult especially after the first four to five days.

Constipation is not suitable for your incision as it puts pressure on the wound as you try to push. A bloated bowel is also uncomfortable for you and may slow down the healing process.

Increasing roughage in your diet and taking more fluids to help you combat indigestion. If the condition is too much for you to handle, talk to your doctor. He may recommend a stool softener to make it easier for you.

Include Probiotics in Your Diet

After surgery, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics with diet for postnatal mother to prevent infections. These antibiotics kill all the bacteria in your body including the good ones.

Once the good bacteria are eliminated from your body, you are prone to bacteria and yeast infections. This is the last thing you wish to contract while nursing an incision.

Take probiotics supplements to promote a healthy gut and vaginal flora. It will also promote a quick recovery.

Finally, during your recovery period, try to not lift anything heavier than your baby. Such weight will put pressure on the incision and it is not good for you. Care for the incision and clean it as recommended by the doctor. When in too much pain, talk to your doctor.

Closing Words

Do not take anything for granted. You had better be safe than sorry. Follow the tips above to increase the chance of a speedy recovery after c section for yourself.

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