Top Benefits of Undergoing Post-Natal Confinement

Post-natal confinement is the period of concluding pregnancy where a mother is restricted from intense movements to heal from the delivery anguish. After childbirth, it is critical for every mother to go through a rest period to promote faster healing. During the period, a mother is supposed to be under an excellent diet. This helps in getting back to normal health to enable her to take care of the new-born. The rest is necessary for a mother who has had sleepless nights during pregnancy and has gone through the painful period of giving birth. Confinement becomes more critical for mothers who deliver through a Caesarean Section as they need extra care.

Below are the top benefits of confinement:

Enough sleep
You have had sleepless nights for the last nine months and experienced a lot of stress and torture during delivery. Confinement is the best time to relax and rest to cover the sleep you lacked during your pregnancy period. Sound sleep and rest are also vital for breast milk production. Having a confinement nanny eases your experience, and you will not have to wake up early to prepare meals and take care of the baby. Adequate rest and sleep are vital in recovering the blood lost while giving birth.

During the period, you get quality time to bond with your new-born without distractions. The infant has come to a strange world, and thus the rest enables you to stay close to your baby. This is the critical time that your child needs you more to adapt to the changes. During confinement, some mothers leave the baby in the hands of a nanny, but it is essential to create a balance and establish a quality bond with the new-born as well.

Balanced diet
The kind of food a mother is put on determines the healing period. Confinement allows the mother to eat a balanced diet to strengthen and regain her health back. Some ailments during pregnancy may be as a result of feeding on a particular food and ignoring other foods that are essential for your health. During pregnancy, some mothers have bad moods and negative attitude towards certain foods. During confinement period, the mother should take a balanced diet to get back to her good health.

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Postnatal care
It serves as the right time to get back to your old self. A belly massage is hard for a mother to do by herself. This calls for a close person to do it for her especially using herbs and oils. This may be complicated for beginners and hence involving an expert is better. If you are doing it by yourself, gently massage your body using herbs or oil with long strokes. This is beneficial in stimulating blood circulation and promoting relaxation. You can make arrangements with massage centres to offer you a professional body massage.

Break from House work
It is necessary to hire a confinement nanny to help you with the housework chores. The baby needs attention and has to be clothed. The nanny will be of help in washing the baby’s and mother’s clothes to make it easier for the mother to rest and recover. She will help in other home duties like cleaning the house, cooking and many others. This gives you time to regain strength and enjoy a peaceful rest.

Confinement period differs from one person to another. The longer the period, the better for the mother. Body recovery does not just come automatically; healing is a gradual process. Typically, the shortest confinement period should be one month, but prolonging it does no harm. This becomes tough for the working moms whose work can get demanding. Single mothers also face challenges with confinement as they are the family providers and this tempts them to have a shorter confinement period. It is advised for new mothers to approach a confinement centre to consider getting external help during this period of recovery.