Light Exercises During Your Confinement Period

Exercising is important if you want to stay healthy and fit, and this rule applies especially to new mothers. Childbirth can bring along with it a lot of mental and physical trauma that you can alleviate by exercising. It will keep your body sores and post-natal depression at bay. Plus, you will be able to inhale some fresh air, which is good for your psychological health. Exercising after your delivery will also hasten your recovery and tone and strengthen your muscles.

However, before you get into the exercising mode, be sure to consult with your doctor or confinement nannies about when can you start.

Benefits of Exercise During the Confinement Period

  • Restores your muscles and firms up the body
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Conditions your abdominal muscles
  • Makes you feel refreshed and happy
  • Raises your energy levels
  • Types of Exercises to Follow

Brisk Walking

A walk in the park with your baby in the stroller seems like the perfect idea. It is best if your confinement nanny is available to take care of the new born. It will not only help you feel refreshed but, will help you bond with the baby. Fresh air is what you need the most right now.


Yoga helps you ease your mind and body. Many women suffer from postnatal depression, and yoga will help you feel relaxed, and will also get rid of the body pains a child bearer suffers from.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

After delivery, many women lose control of their pelvic muscles. Simple pelvic muscles exercises daily can help restore the strength of these muscles. You do not need extra time to perform this exercise. This can be done while sitting.

You can start these exercises as soon as you can. One thing to keep in mind is that your abdominal and lower back muscles become weak after delivery. Your joints and ligaments are still tender and need time to heal, so take it easy. Treat your body like a new born baby, handle it with care. Just do whatever exercises you can easily. Do not compare yourself with other mothers who recently gave birth because everyone’s body is different.

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Many women find it difficult to take time off for exercise. You only need 10 minutes each day. However, it is very beneficial for new moms to do so. A little time away from your new born may not be such a bad thing.

Do as much as your body allows you and do not exert yourself. If at any point you feel you are unable to exercise, or if your body starts hurting stop your exercises and contact your doctor if necessary. A light exercises each day of your confinement period can help you feel refreshed, healthy and happy. If you find it difficult to take care of the baby at any point, hire a nanny from a confinement nanny agency. She will offer the best care for you and your baby.