What Can a Confinement Nanny Do For You?

Before finding out where you can hire a suitable confinement nanny in Singapore, you might start having a few questions about the services that they are going to provide you and your baby. Aside from assisting you in performing daily activities, they can also help give you tips and advice you can utilise after your confinement period.

A confinement nanny has a handful of duties that she must perform to cover the services she is paid for. Here are some of the things that she will usually provide for the baby and the mother:

Teach you which foods to eat to promote breast milk production

If you are confused as to what kind of foods to incorporate into your diet, a confinement nanny can make the meal planning for you. Also, they can teach you about the different types of food that help promote breast milk production.

Since they are trained in various aspects of being a nanny, they are knowledgeable enough to know if a particular food is effective and nutritious for you and the newborn baby. Confinement nannies will share information that you can use to help you learn and be the best mother you can be for your baby.

They assist you in bathing the baby

When you are a first-time mum, one of the most overwhelming tasks is bathing the baby. You might be scared to hold a tiny baby and fear that they might slip from your hands.

Also, confinement nannies would teach you the basics about bathing the newborn properly, such as the right temperature, the right way to hold the baby, and how to soothe them when crying. It is normal for you to be nervous at first, but you will eventually get used to it as time passes.

Assisting you in making a sleep schedule for the baby

Newborns tend to sleep a lot, and it is necessary to “train” them to sleep when night time comes.

Tending to a newborn alone can get really exhausting, so developing a sleep pattern for the baby can also help you get sleep, especially at night.

Confinement nannies are experienced in creating the perfect sleeping pattern you can practice at home to keep you and the baby well-rested.

Confinement nannies help you in other hygiene practices

Changing a diaper can make you nervous, and you might need clarification about the proper time to change it.

There is no right or specific time as to when you should change a diaper. As long as it is soaked or if the baby has been wearing it for about four hours, it is best to change the diaper to avoid accumulation of bacteria and rash.

A fresh and clean diaper relaxes and keeps the baby comfortable. A confinement nanny would teach you how to change the diaper, clean the baby properly, and give you tips on making the whole process efficient and smooth for you and your baby.

So, where to get a confinement sitter?

A confinement nanny agency is the best place to find the right nanny, whether it’s your first time finding one or otherwise. Nevertheless, you should still ask for recommendations from relatives, colleagues or friends, especially if they have had previous experiences with one.

Ensuring you sign a contract that includes all the services, charges and terms of breaching the contract is crucial. Ask for official receipts whenever you make any payment. You should remember to ask for the profile and details of the confinement lady you are picking to help you understand her personality, what duties she can handle, and any additional services you can add to the list.

How to get used to the nanny?

Living in the same household with a stranger is not easy, but there are many things you can do to help with the temporary addition to your family. If the nanny you hired cannot understand English, communicate with her in a language she understands best.

Although most nannies will eat the same food she prepared for your family, it is important to give them time and space to cook their own meals if they wish to. Also, allow your nanny some quality time to rest and make calls home to know how her family members or friends are doing.

Closing Words

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