How to Plan Your Confinement with Herbal Packages

There are herbs for everything! There are herbs for cooking, there are herbs to add to your bath water, and there are ones for curing illnesses. Convenient, isn’t it? Unfortunately, if there is one aspect of the traditional confinement practices that many modern mothers are not familiar with, it is without a doubt the use of herbs. Don’t you agree? The good news is, there are various pre-packed and pre-mixed herbs available out there so you do not have to go through the hassle of having to find the different kinds of herbs.

It is important for you to learn about herbs so that even if you are not getting any professional help, you can still treat yourself to their abundant benefits. Hence, when planning your confinement, be sure to count in herbal packages! It might not sound like the most fun thing to do, but you may be surprised at how therapeutic of an experience it is to sip on a warm, healthy bowl of herbal soup when you’re tucked in bed.

If you wish to create a confinement period with the extra push for your postnatal recovery, you have come to the right place. We will teach you more about herbal soup, herbal bath, and herbal confinement beverage that will greatly help you during the crucial period. Without any delay, let’s get right into it!

What would be in your herbal soup packages?

After giving birth, it is very common for you to experience thirst and dehydration, especially if you breastfeed. You may use any suitable herbal package. The packages in this pack are specifically created for everyday use for the whole 28 days of confinement. Go over the ingredients and what their benefits are so you could understand how each pack will help you day by day.

What are the benefits of herbal soup?

With a premixed herbal soup package, it is much easier to organise and manage. The packs are normally divided into different weeks of your confinement month and their purposes. There are traditional herbal soup mixes included in separate packs for everyday consumption. Depending on which brand you go for, the purposes may differ. Here’s one example of what the purposes may look like. For the first week, the ingredients are meant to clear blood clot in your womb and replenish your energy. The second week, your daily herbal remedies are created to increase blood circulation and also replenish your energy. In Chinese traditions, it is generally believed that your energy ‘qi’ will be lost when you give birth. Therefore, the first two weeks are focused on regaining that lost energy. For the following week, the herbs will help greatly in nourishing your blood while also improving blood circulation. Lastly, if you take up all four weeks total of herbal packages, you will find that the ingredients are meant to boost your overall recovery. During the last week also you will feel the mind-calming and clearer-vision effects from the herbs.

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How to prepare the herbal soup from the package?

Since it is actually a premixed soup ingredients, you simply have to take each pack out and throw them into a pot of water! Bring them to a boil and once everything is cooked, the soup can be served hot. Of course, you are free to modify the recipe to suit your taste as well. Once you are done, you can enjoy every sip of the aromatic soup!

What about bath? Are you able to shower during the confinement month? Yes, of course! Even if you are following certain confinement practices, it is completely up to you to have or not have a bath. If you would like to have a warm, refreshing bath, there is an herbal package for that too!

What will be in your confinement herbal bath package?

Produced from natural herbs, you will find various refreshing herbs like Balsamiferou Blumea Herb (Da Feng Ai) and lemongrass packed in each package. We would recommend also getting a premixed herbal bath packages as we find the ingredients to be greatly suitable for a postnatal mom, which you will find as well.

What are the benefits of herbal bath?

If you are getting Yorkness Mom Series Confinement Herbal package in Singapore, it should be enough to supply your whole confinement month. A herbal bath can dispel wind from your body and leave your body feeling warm and comfy. It also stimulates your blood circulation which is especially important in easing your lochia discharge. Last but not least, the bath can reduce your stress and make you feel more relaxed. You may find yourself not wanting to get out of the bath at all!

How to prepare a bath using the herbal package?

The steps are as simple as preparing the soup! You simply have to throw the premixes into a pot, leave them in hot water, and bring it to a boil. Next, mix it with your lukewarm bath water in a pail and stir evenly, keeping the temperature warm enough. Make sure it is only warm or lukewarm and not hot so that you will not burn your skin. On that note, it is also better to prepare this herbal bath when you are about to shower so you will not leave it out there for too long. When you are ready, just hop into the bathroom and rinse your body and hair with the warm herbal bathwater!

If that is not enough herbs in your confinement, you can add more! Have a glass of the confinement beverage, the red dates tea, on a daily basis to help replenish your blood. This drink is normally mixed with wolfberries (also known as goji berries) and longan, but you can prepare it however you like it. Some mothers find this tea to be too sweet, but you can certainly modify the taste up to your liking. If you need it to be on the sweeter side, add more longan. If you want it to be less sweet, of course, reduce the amount of longan in it.

How to prepare daily herbal tea?

You may include any other ingredients that can boost the taste, but the top ingredients are the one as mentioned above. Insert about two tablespoons of each ingredient and throw them into a pot of hot, boiling water. Let everything steep for a couple minutes until the colour turns reddish orange. Once you are happy with how all ingredients are cooked, you may serve it right away! To really indulge yourself in the sweet healing of the tea, you best have it while it is hot or warm.

What are the benefits of a confinement red dates tea?

One of the most prominent effects of this tea is that it can boost your blood circulation. As you have lost a huge amount of blood during delivery, regularly drinking this beverage will greatly help in replenishing your nutrients. The main ingredient, namely red dates, has been consumed by various generations to help get rid of water retention. This tea helps in regulating your menstruation and calming your nerves, both of which are extremely crucial for a new mom like yourself. This tea can also aid in digestion and sore throats. From these countless benefits, you will definitely find one way or two on how this tea can help you!

All in all, everything listed here are as easy to prepare as can be and one simply never needs any lengthy instructions for any of these! While these are made to spare you the hassle of finding proper confinement herbs, preparing them may still take some time off your break.

In that case, have your partner or present family member do it for you. If no one is around, it would be advantageous to hire a confinement nanny who can easily take care of these for you. We hope this confinement herbal package review has been helpful so you know what to expect when you get into it!


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