A Day in Your Postpartum Confinement with a PEM Confinement Nanny

If you’re a mother-to-be in Singapore and you have been looking up information on confinement planning, postpartum recovery and newborn care, you must have noticed that hiring a stay-in confinement nanny is a common practice among parents with newborns. 

In fact, many parents with newborns, especially first-time parents, regard hiring a confinement nanny as one of the top priorities in their postpartum planning. Many parents would even extend the service duration of their nanny in order to get more time to transition to their new roles in life.

However, if you have never engaged with a confinement nanny service here in Singapore before, the idea of having a stranger stay in your house for a whole month might sound strange and inconvenient. After all, the postpartum period is an intimate and delicate stage for you and your family, and it’s only natural for you to prefer having more time with your close ones without any interruptions.

Contrary to popular belief, with the help of a professional confinement nanny, you’ll get to spend more time with your newborn and loved ones at home. Not to mention with someone experienced around to prepare your daily meals, and help you with baby care and house chores, you’ll have more energy and mental space to focus on recovery and bonding with your newborn. At PEM Confinement Nanny Agency, we have over 400 well-trained and experienced nannies to support you along your postpartum recovery journey.

Still find it hard to imagine how your postpartum at home would be like with a confinement nanny around? Let’s look at how a day in your confinement would be like with a PEM confinement nanny! That said, do take note that these daily routines that we share below are just a general reference, and they might vary due to you and your baby’s condition or preference. If you have any doubts about any aspects of our confinement nanny Singapore service, our friendly customer service officers are always happy to help!


Start your day with a warm cup of red date tea

It’s always nice to have something warm in the morning, and with your body recovering from childbirth, a cup of warm red date tea would be perfect! Red dates contain vitamin C, vitamin A, antioxidants, among many other wholesome nutrients to help speed up your wound healing. According to TCM, red dates help to tonify the “qi”, improve energy levels and digestion, nourish the blood, and calm the mind. PEM nanny will help to brew red date tea, so that you can have warm, nourishing red date tea every day throughout your confinement.

Freshen up with a soothing herbal bath

After repeating the cycle of sleeping and waking up to breastfeed or pump milk numerous times throughout the night, it’s time to get a soothing herbal bath to clean up and relax. Our confinement nanny will help to prepare your bath water using confinement bathing herbs. If you find bathing in the morning too cold, you can always bathe in the afternoon. For your convenience, we also offer pre-measured, pre-packed herbal confinement package for confinement baths and tonics.

It’s time for breakfast!

A table of delicious breakfast is always something to look forward to, and PEM nanny is here to prepare them for you every morning! Breakfast is usually something warm and comforting like noodles soup, warm drinks or porridge, but you can always let your nanny know if you have any other preference too.

Learn how to bathe your newborn

A Day in Your Postpartum Confinement with a PEM Confinement Nanny 2 - PEM

As newborns’ immune systems are still developing, it’s important for caretakers to help them maintain good hygiene to prevent them from having discomfort or falling ill. Our nannies are properly trained to bathe your newborn safely. Depending on your preference, our nanny will also wipe your baby’s body in the late afternoon before dinner too. If you’re a first-time parent with no experience of bathing a newborn and find it daunting, fret not! You can always learn from our nanny after you feel better during the later weeks of your confinement. Our nannies are always happy to guide you at your side.

Get squeaky clean baby essentials, everytime!

On top of paying attention to your baby’s hygiene, it’s important to keep your baby’s feeding essentials clean and germ-free too. Your nanny will clean and sterilise your baby’s pacifier and milk bottles. If you have a bottle steriliser, the nanny will clean it once every 3 to 5 days.

Skip the laundry

Because PEM nanny will help you with these too! That’s right, our confinement nanny services include doing the laundry for you and your baby too. This includes washing, hanging and keeping the clothes. Your baby’s clothes will be hand washed.


Enjoy tea time snacks upon request

Did you know breastfeeding takes up 300 to 500 calories per day whether you nourish yourself or not? So eating adequately helps to improve your breast milk nutritional density. If you feel hungry between your meals, our nanny will prepare tea time snacks for you too.

Recharge with a nourishing lunch

After a few rounds of breastfeeding and pumping from the morning till noon, it’s time to replenish your body with some nutritious home-cooked meals. PEM nannies are trained to prepare a wide variety of confinement food using fresh whole foods. If you have any preference for the taste and cooking style of your meals, you can always let your nanny know. After preparing the lunch, the nanny will do basic cleaning to keep your kitchen clean. Later in the noon, she will prepare the dishes and herbal tonics for dinner too.

Let your nanny take a nap if necessary

As your nanny will be assisting you with night feeding and taking care of your baby throughout the night, your nanny may request to take a break or a nap if necessary – but of course, if your baby needs to be attended to during this period, the nanny will be assisting with caring your baby instead.


Nourish your body with a  nutritious dinner

A Day in Your Postpartum Confinement with a PEM Confinement Nanny 3 - PEM

On top of a wide variety of confinement food, our nanny will also prepare herbal tonic for you during dinner. PEM nannies are well-trained to prepare various traditional Chinese confinement dishes using fresh ingredients including chicken, fish, tofu, and veggies.

Time for bed!

After a long day, it’s time for you to get some rest. While it’s not possible to get hours of uninterrupted sleep at the moment, you should focus on improving the quality of your sleep to support your recovery. Depending on your preference, you can choose to sleep with your newborn in the same room, or have your nanny take care of your newborn at night in a separate room.

Get trusted support for night feeding and baby care

Throughout the night, it’s likely that you need to wake up to breastfeed, pump breast milk, or just to check on your baby. With a PEM nanny around, you can rest assured that you’ll get trusted help for all baby care duties at night, including night feeding and putting the baby back to sleep.

More About PEM Confinement Nanny Service

Here are more ways that PEM confinement nannies take care of you and your newborn:

Baby Care

  • Feeding your newborn
  • Change the diapers on a regular basis
  • Cleaning and sterilising milk bottles
  • Updating baby’s daily log provided by PEM


  • Provide guidance and help in nursing your newborn
  • Share knowledge on latching and breastfeeding
  • Help prepare breastfeeding tools and share knowledge in cleaning and sterilising them

Domestic Chores

  • Doing laundry for mom and baby (washing the clothes, hanging and keeping it)
  • Sweeping and mopping the floor up to twice a week

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