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We are the first ever online full month gift box delivery service in Singapore that allows new parents like you to order comprehensive full month packages, create a full month gift wishlist, and receive gifts from your loved ones all on one platform!

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FREE delivery

FREE delivery

Deliver full month pastries to friends and family at their doorstep.

Gifts for baby

Gifts for baby

Receive full month gifts (according to your wishlist) from your friends and family.

Limited time discount

Limited time discount

Around 40% discount for every pastry set, grab the limited freebies and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Celegift combines two main elements of a full month celebration – sharing treats and gift giving, into one convenient website. We provide comprehensive full month packages with a variety of traditional and modern treats, with free delivery service to all recipients! Also, you can create a shoppable baby gift registry on our website, which you can browse a variety of mom and baby products from our platform, add them to your gift registry list, send it to your friends and family for them to shop, and we’ll deliver all your gifts for you for free! Choose from a wide range of all the best baby gifts Singapore parents love, including baby and toddler essentials, baby feeding items, books, toys and more from top brands!

The Baby Gift Registry is an online gift wish list on the Celegift website wherein you can browse our catalogue of mother and baby products to your heart’s content, add those which you fancy into the registry, share its link to your friends and family, and they can view and directly buy what you have selected, for that special Celegift Full Month celebration! On top of physical gifts, we also have a cash and fund contribution feature for friends and family to send money to your baby. These features make our registry the most complete baby gift set Singapore parents can get.

Celegift provides free planning sessions which will cover all you need to know about the full month celebration including market price comparisons for pastries in Singapore, which are especially helpful for first time mothers. We also offer free pastry box delivery to all recipients on your guest list AND more than 40% discount for early-bird registrations.