Frequently Asked Questions

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When should I make a booking for confinement nanny?

Usually the client will make their booking between 6 to 7 months before the EDD as there is a very limited vacancy and it is based on first come first serve basis.

How do I make my booking?

For your convenience, we will arrange an appointment with our consultant for the collection of deposit and signing of the contract. The deposit payment can be made by cheque or internet banking.

Covid-19 Update: In our effort to enforce proper preventive and safety measures during this time, all appointments will be conducted through video calls.

Is your nanny experience?

We provide in house training and they are qualified.

You may also let us know your requirements, we can note down in your profile data and assign the nanny accordingly for you.

If I’m not satisfied with the nanny, what I can do?

We provide 2 times free replacement to all our client.

Is your nanny trained in breastfeeding?

All of our nannies are trained in breastfeeding and lactation, they will assist you to do direct latching and standard breastfeeding procedure.

If I wish to extend the nanny, is it possible?

For extension of service, kindly call us once the service has started and we will check on the nanny’s availability and vacancy for you.

If anything happens due to unforeseen circumstances, can I get back the deposit?

If you have to cancel your booking due to any medical reasons, kindly provide us with a doctor’s letter and you will receive a full refund of the deposit.

Can I book a specific nanny?

Yes, you can appoint a nanny (subject to availability). There will be an additional charge of $200 as an appointing nanny fee. Kindly provide the nanny’s name and code number for us to check the nanny’s availability for you.

What kind of foods the nanny will cook for me?

The nanny will prepare Chinese traditional meals, such as pork trotter vinegar (猪脚醋) and yellow wine chicken(黄酒鸡 ) for you with herbal soup to strengthen your body and to replenish the nutrition that you have lost during delivery. Nanny will discuss with your preference and cook accordingly.

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