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You need good nutrition even after confinement

After confinement, you still need proper nutrients to maintain milk supply and promote postpartum recovery.

ReLacto is the first lactation meal delivery service in Singapore that offers over 100 lactation-friendly and healing dishes, served with unique lactation drinks in every meal.

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Milk-Boosting Lactation Meals

Milk-Boosting Lactation Meals

In-House Dietitian Planned Menu

In-House Dietitian Planned Menu

Wide Variety Of Chinese & Fusion Cuisine

Wide Variety Of Chinese & Fusion Cuisine

Relacto - Eco Friendly Packaging


Relacto - Free Signature Trial Meal

Get FREE Signature Trial Meal Worth $40

Signature Trial Menu:
- Black Pepper Wagyu Beef
- Yuzu Honey Chicken
- Mint and Lemon Marinated Alaskan Cod
- XO Sea Prawns with Yam
- Wok Fried Bacon with Brussel Sprouts
- “Xiao Bai Cai” with Superior Scallop Gravy
- Black Sesame Quinoa Rice
- Plant-based Minced Meat Spaghetti Bolognese (Veg)
- Fish Soup with Tofu
- Osmanthus Coral Seaweed with Chia Seed
- Lactation Drink of the Day



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Frequently Asked Questions

"Lactation meals are meals that are specially prepared for breastfeeding mothers, planned with the mothers’ needs to increase breast milk supply and promote postpartum recovery in mind. ReLacto’s lactation meal plan offers mummies post-confinement support in increasing their milk supply, improving nutritional content of breast milk, and promoting postpartum recovery.

The menu is curated by our dietitian specifically with a wide variety of lactation boosting foods and nutritious whole foods, prepared in fusion and Chinese style with no MSG. Every meal also comes with a unique lactation drink!"

If you are a PEM nanny confinement Singapore agency customer, after you have signed up, you will be able to select if you would like to have the Free Signature Trial worth $40 from ReLacto. ReLacto’s breastfeeding meal plan is designed specifically for mummies post-confinement, so you will be able to redeem the Free Signature Trial only 21 days after your EDD.

No worries! We understand that when it comes to food, everyone has their personal requirements. Hence, you can let us know in advance of any specific dietary requirements that you may have, and we will be glad to make the necessary arrangements for you.

In the meantime, we’d like to share that our ReLacto menu is reviewed by our in-house certified dietitian to help mummies get a balanced and nutritious diet.

For example, our in-house certified dietitian has carefully incorporated 6 major lactation boosting foods that increase breast milk into our foods and drinks, namely green papaya, ginger, garlic, fenugreek, fennel, and moringa, along with many other nutritious food ingredients to improve your milk supply and increase the nutritional content of your breast milk.

Our ReLacto lactation food Singapore delivery service for lunch is from 10 am to 1 pm, while dinner would be from 4 pm to 7 pm.

If you book our breastfeeding menu plan with a double meal package (lunch and dinner), then there will be 2 separate deliveries per day. Conversely, single meal packages will be one delivery per day.

ReLacto delivers lactogenic food every day including Christmas and New Year. Deliveries during Chinese New Year will be imposed a surcharge.

Yes, that can be arranged. Do let us know one day in advance, before 3PM, and we will skip the following day’s ReLacto breastfeeding meal delivery for you. The meal that you skipped will be carried forward and placed at the end of your original end date, thus your end date will be extended, and the total number of meals you receive remains the same.

Our ReLacto lactation food package contains individual thermal flasks for the soup and lactation drink while the rest of the dishes are packed in biodegradable containers. These will all be delivered in our thermal bag that is designed to keep your meals warm and fresh. Both the thermal bag and flasks have to be returned to us on a daily basis.

Our ReLacto breastfeeding food package meals are definitely suitable for breastfeeding mothers and our dishes are specifically catered to assist mothers' lactation journeys. The ingredients used are carefully selected and planned by our dietitian to make the best meals for lactation possible for customers who would like to continue breastfeed and have a healthy diet after confinement.

Unfortunately, ReLacto’s meals are not suitable for pregnant women. ReLacto lactation menu plan is specifically designed for mummies who have given birth more than one month ago and above. Our breastfeeding mom food is not suitable for pregnant women as the meals may include Chinese herbs that might not be safe for pregnant mothers.