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Post natal Massage Singapore specializes in assisting new mothers during their postnatal. With this relaxing postnatal therapeutic service, all new mothers could pamper themselves within the comfort of their own home, no need to go to land-based clinics or hospital just to experience post child delivery care. By combining the traditional Malay post natal therapy with modern general practice, post natal massage is guaranteed more comfortable and effective. A tailor made corset would be used in place of the traditional clothe binder to achieve the maximum effectiveness of the body wrap and to enhance the enjoyable experience throughout the whole massage.

Through thousands of feedback from clients, we have devised a confinement plan to guide and help new mothers in Singapore. We understand that post-partum can sometimes be a challenge for mothers due to planning and arrangements, and some are confused about the right diet/nutrition. Therefore, we encourage you to leave the planning and arrangements to us. Let us take care of everything while you focus on recuperating and bonding with your little one. Apart from following the right diet and nutrition during confinement, post-natal massage is also essential in helping your body recover and regain its pre-pregnancy figure.

All of our therapists are WSQ certified, therefore they are trained and skilled in attending to clients regardless of whether they have been through CSEC or normal birth

Our Postnatal massage will be carried out at the comfort of your home

The effectiveness of postnatal massages has been proudly announced by many new mothers who have successfully regained their pre-pregnancy bodies on our Facebook page.

All clients are provided with a complimentary binder on the first session of the postnatal massage.

In case of skin sensitivity, there will be an option to swap oil/cream with no additional charges

Our Customer Service Officer is on standby and ready to assist you 11 hours on weekdays.

One of the biggest concerns for woman after child birth is to get back in shape.

Postnatal massage has proven benefits of helping mothers to regain posture and at the same time, achieve a toned body. Professionals recommend at least 8 to 11 sessions or more in order to see visible results of the post-natal massage. Post natal can help to boost slimming with these methods: binding with tapel and massage with jamu oil. The tapel is applied on the abdominal area before the binding process begins. Its purpose is to warm up the tummy area as well as promote deflation of the tummy.The Jamu oil used for our massages are carefully selected and blended by us.


Expel wind from body

A traditional practice during confinement period is to expel wind from their bodies. In order to expel wind, post-natal massage therapists use Jamu oil AKA Ginger oil. The warm and soothing qualities of ginger oil aids in any kind of digestive problem and promotes normal blood circulation. Our home made Jamu oil is a special blend of ginger oil and other herbs, handpicked by our professional therapist.


Remove engorgement

Most mothers experience engorgement which makes breastfeeding difficult. This is one of the most important part of the massage, especially for mothers who wish to breastfeed their baby. In order to clear the milk ducts in the breast area, our therapists massage to help ease the pain and encourage better flow of breast milk.

Pushing Womb back into place

Techniques that are used for this massage are specifically designed for the masseur to push your womb back into its original place and to its original size. This is an important part as it will help mothers to be more fertile after confinement period.

Tightening abdominal area

Pregnancy causes tummy area to stretch and expand. One of the problems women face after child birth is having a flabby tummy. Therapists are trained to massage your tummy in a specific method that increases fat burning and weight loss. Continuous treatment along that area allows muscles to tighten. Massaging the abdominal area also encourages the intestine to work faster, which helps in better digestion.

Promotes better sleep at night

Post-natal massage allows new mothers some “Me time” during the confinement period. Caring for your baby right after child birth can sometimes get too overwhelming. This routine has been known to help mothers relax and promote better sleep at night.

Baby Massage

During third session, therapist will guide mothers on how to perform a baby massage for their new-born. This massage has been known to be the language of a new-born, as new-borns are more responsive to touch. This demonstration will be up to 15 minutes in duration. Baby massage oil (Telon Oil) will be provided during the session. This practice will help to improve weight gain, aid digestion, promote sleep, and most of all, reduce crying and crankiness.

Duration of services
Postnatal Massage: 1 hour
Corset Binding: 15 minutes

Commencement of services:
Natural Birth: 5 days after the delivery
C-section: 3 weeks after the delivery

All Post Natal Massage will be performed by our friendly masseuse from pnsingapore.


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