Why You Should Hire A Confinement Nanny For Newborn Care

Parents who have used our expert confinement nanny services will almost certainly have nothing but nice things to say about them and will have no regrets. After all, throughout the more than 30 years that we have been assisting moms in their confinement, we have served well over 25,000 pleased mummies.

Having a confinement lady nearby can provide a number of advantages. Consider the following scenario right away. You’re bringing your newborn back, and in some situations, you’ve only given birth a day or two ago.

This begs the question: how much rest and recovery will you actually get if you have to manage taking care of your newborn while also caring for yourself?

Sure, you have your family and darling husband, but what happens if everyone is preoccupied? That’s where a confinement lady enters the picture!

So, without further ado, here are some advantages of having a confinement lady:

Advantages of having a confinement lady

Why are confinement nannies necessary?

We start off this portion by going back to the basics and asking why we need a confinement lady in the first place.

Newborns require extensive care and attention with all aspects of their lives. For instance, babies’ sleeping patterns can be irregular and unexpected, making getting a good night’s sleep even more challenging.

As a result, you’ll need help with the baby. If you’re a first-time mother, this can be an overwhelming experience that leads to stress, which is counterproductive to recovery. In fact, it may increase your risks of developing postpartum depression.

Confinement nannies assist in caring for babies

One of the primary responsibilities of a confinement lady is to assist you in caring for your newborn while you recover. As previously stated, some mothers are new to motherhood and may not know how to properly care for their child.

This isn’t meant to be a dig at new mothers, after all there are many responsibilities that come with newborn care. Not to mention every baby is different.

Let’s use crying as an example of what we mean by this. Due to a lack of experience, many new or first-time mothers may find it challenging to correctly detect their baby’s crying cues and determine whether the infant is hungry or not feeling well. A confinement nanny is professionally trained and has the experience to notice baby’s cues for any signs of discomforts, and guide the mother along to calm the baby down.

Confinement nannies help take care of the mother too

Confinement women are not only there to care for the infant; they are also there to care for the mother. You’ll need time to heal as a mother, and a competent confinement lady can even help you prepare for motherhood if you want her to show you how to correctly change your baby, feed them (yes, our PEM confinement nannies can provide breastfeeding guidance), and so on.

While our confinement nanny will stay with you to care for your child in order to give you the time you need to heal, keep in mind that they are also a walking resource of parenting tips that, if you can take advantage of them, will not only help you during your confinement, but the lessons you learn from them will last you a lifetime… And who knows, maybe one day you’ll be able to pass those lessons on to others.

Confinement nannies can give mothers emotional support

This brings us back to our prior discussion of not knowing what to do. Let’s be honest: caring for and being responsible for another person’s life is terrifying even at the best of circumstances. Imagine doing so while you’re unsure whether or not what you’re doing is correct. That’s a whole lot scary now.

A confinement lady would be well-versed in the care of infants. That’s pretty much the one of the  most important part of their role, and it’s also a big part of what we train our nannies.

While you can rest and recover, you will still need to learn how to care for your child. With our nannies by your side, you will receive emotional support and assistance that you can use to prepare for the transition following your confinement.

Confinement ladies can help out around the house

Another advantage of hiring a confinement lady is that you will save money on the costs of caring for other members of your family in addition to yourself.

We’ve shared about other confinement services before in earlier blog posts. Normally, these services are only available to mummies. How about the father? What about your other kids, if you have any? This is an extra cost to consider.

While the cost may vary from agency to agency and even freelancer to freelancer (for groceries, transportation, add-on packages, and so on), it will still be less expensive than hiring another set of hands solely to prepare meals for your family, especially if you ask your confinement nanny ahead of time if they’d be willing to prepare meals for the entire family rather than just for you.

Again, we want to emphasise that this isn’t a foregone conclusion because you must first discuss it with the nanny and then offer the ingredients for her to prepare for you and your family.

Closing words

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So, mummies, that’s all we’ve got for you today, and we hope it’s given you a better idea of how having one of our PEM confinement nannies can help alleviate your load and make your transition into motherhood a lot easier.

You can stop Googling “Part time confinement nanny singapore” now. If you’re interested in hiring one for yourself or know someone who might benefit from having their own confinement nanny to assist them in their homes, please give us a call or visit our website to submit an inquiry and book one of our great nannies!

Should you still require a bit more reassurance, feel free to read through some of our confinement agency review testimonials made by other mummies.

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