What to Eat After C-Section for Fast Recovery?

Pregnancy is one of the most extraordinary phases of a woman’s life. Mummies are amazing for going through the months-long pregnancy and giving birth to a new life.   

“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before.

The woman existed, but the mother, never.”

– Rajneesh 

The period after giving birth is called “zuo yue zi” or confinement for women is a golden recovery stage. Besides those matters needed to be paid attention, the most concerned is how to recover the body through diet during this period. 

We know diet is particularly important, especially for a cesarean-delivered mummy, as recovering from a cesarean section takes longer than recovering from a vaginal birth. But not to worry, by taking care of yourself, you’ll regain your strength more quickly in this journey! 

Now you just need a few minutes to get an idea of what good food you will need to get recovery fast and high in nutrients for you (strongly suggest you to keep this in your bookmark).

1. Have Collagen-Rich Foods

When talking about collagen food we will always think of their beauty benefits, like greater skin elasticity, and smoothness. For mamas, collagen can help us support joints and pelvic floor tissue, hair and healthy glow.

And as we prior said, to make the operation wound healing faster, cesarean section mothers suggested having high collagen food such as tremella, beans, flower gum, beef tendon, egg white and fish. Of course, we will never forget that pig’s feet in the pork vinegar dish might be the most common source of collagen in confinement meals.

After having meals, mamas can have desserts such as bird’s nest, sea cucumber and collagen capsule which is also a good choice to optimize your collagen intake.

2. Vitamin C is king! 

It’s nice to welcome the arrival of little sweet baby, but mommies do not forget to take care of your wounds, follow balanced diet that accelerates wound healing to take care of your little one in a healthier way. In the confinement period after C-Section surgery, mommies are supposed to rest and move very little in this specific recovery period (it’s a golden time to rest well!).

So not only does mom get the benefits of collagen, but also Vitamin C along postpartum recovery journey. Especially ceasarean section moms will leave a wound on the abdomen, appropriate taking would help in wound healing and prevent bacterial infection, so that your body can get better recovery.

As all of us familiar with the food pyramid, vegetables and fruits are a treasure house of Vitamin C. For example, oranges, watermelon, strawberries, grapefruits, and sweet potatoes are good help in strengthening the immune system and combating infections.

3. Get your fill of Vitamin A 

In addition, you can also eat more food and fruits containing Vitamin A after ceasarean delivery to speed up recovery and enhance the immune system in the body. Foods rich in Vitamin A are mainly carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes and for fruits, you are encouraged to take apples and cherry.

Especially during the confinement period, the Chinese postpartum diet always includes animal offal dishes to aid postpartum mommies recuperate and recover from the birth of their baby. Of course, mommies who undergo C-Section also can consume appropriate Vitamin A supplements such as cod liver oil to better help in enhancing the immune system in the body.

4. Consume more Iron

During pregnancy, the mother continues to expand the volume of blood to the fetus, so pregnant mothers might have anemia. In addition, C-Sec delivery loses part of the blood and postpartum lactation, so this might cause mommies’ body insufficient blood and affects the recovery of the body.

Postpartum mommies especially after C-Sec labor are encouraged to eat more food with high iron content, such as quinoa, spinach, egg yolk, and red dates that are all very good tonics for them.

Peanuts, sesame and pumpkin seeds, roasted almonds, and sunflower seeds are also iron-rich foods that would help regain the blood lost during delivery.

5. Don’t forget about fibre

We know new mothers due to wound pain, weak body and other reasons might lead to poor appetite. But a gentle reminder here – never miss to eat foods rich in dietary fiber to prevent those hard times spent in the washroom (as we know, one of the most common complaints post C-section is constipation).

Your diet should be nutritious and easy to digest in one week of C-sec surgery. Papaya, orange, banana, grape, quinoa potatoes and other fruits and vegetables rich in fibre to maintain a balanced nutrition while promoting smooth bowel movement.

6. High protein, high calcium

What to Eat After C-Section for Fast Recovery (2)

After delivery, it is highly recommended that mommies need to eat more rich-contained protein food such as lean meat, tofu, fishes and greek yogurt to speed up wound recovery. 

And, throughout pregnancy, the fetus will absorb a lot of calcium from the mother’s body, coupled with postpartum breastfeeding, milk will consume part of the mother’s body calcium, so it’s especially important for mommies to consume rich calcium food such as milk and eggs, to provide adequate calcium in the body. 

However, mothers should also pay attention that postpartum often comes with challenges in breastfeeding and pumping. The best thing for moms is to have a good helper confinement ladies to assist in. 

You might not seldom hear peers saying how their nanny helped and guided them during confinement. At PEM, we many mommies shared positive feedbacks about their night and day confinement nanny ease them to take good rest in the recovery journey.

Last but not least, we would like to let you know – You’re an amazing person who is looking out for not only your own well-being but your child and your family as well. 

You deserve to be taken seriously and you deserve to be the best person and parent you can be by getting the help of SGconfinement nanny you need. Enquire PEM confinement ladies to make your recovery journey easier!


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