What Should You Do Before Your Confinement Nanny Leaves?

Don’t always drink cold water, must eat fruits, learn to be more patient, must have balanced meals ah” Does any of that sound familiar? Perhaps something your mother would say or maybe even what you’ve heard a confinement nanny say before.

The thing is, we humans tend to forget things. That’s why we either write them down on pieces of sticky yellow paper which then get buried somewhere under all our receipts, laptops, in the trash, or simply just get mushed up with the laundry. Then we evolve and jot them down in our phones only to never read them ever again. Go on, call up your phone’s notepad now and see how many of those notes you actually remember jotting down.

If you are like many mummies, you may have this impending fear and anxiety now that your confinement nanny is about to leave. Are you prepared, have you gotten all the worldly knowledge you can possibly get from her before she leaves, and can you now take full responsibility of taking care of a mini version of yourself?

Worry not and look no further for we have cobbled together a checklist of sorts for what you should be preparing before your confinement nanny leaves.

1. What was that recipe again?

Did you have something to eat that was absolutely divine and wished you knew how to make that for yourself? Well, no time like the present! With your confinement nanny leaving soon, when are you ever going to get the chance to taste that dish again?

Whether it be vinegar pork trotters or ginger chicken, or even a simple herbal soup for confinement. Your nanny is there and will be more than happy to impart her recipes to you!

2. Theory meets practice

Remember signing up for those classes at the hospital before giving birth? You know, the classes where they teach you about how to change your baby’s diapers and how to properly bathe them? The one where they tell all parents never to leave their baby in the tub unattended, remember now?

Yeah, well, turns out, letting them float in the water isn’t considered a proper bath either. Take this opportunity to ask your confinement nanny to show you or give you a refresher course in bathing as well as diaper care basics and, of course, do a trial run yourself under her guidance to get a hang of it for after she leaves.

3. Got milk?

Ah, the old ad campaign encouraging the consumption of milk that started in the early 90’s and still runs to this day! Shows you just how important milk is, doesn’t it? That’s why you need to learn how to properly store the milk that you so lovingly and arduously pumped. 

Get your confinement nanny to run through with you how you should store it and the proper way to prepare the milk for feeding times. After all, it’ll be a right shame to let all that milk and hard work go to waste. 

4. Suppertime feeds

Babies being babies, don’t really have a fixed eating schedule. They eat when they are hungry and if you’ve kept count, that would have been around 8-12 times a day that you’ve had to feed them in the first month. Have a quick chat with your confinement nanny to learn about your baby’s night feeding schedule so that you can better prepare yourself to take over that routine.

5. I think that sounds like…

While we are used to speaking English, babies, not so much. They have a language all their own and they mean something different each time they cry. Before long, you’ll also find yourself wanting to cry if you can’t decipher what it is exactly that they want from you.

Are they hungry? Are they in need of a change? Are they tired? Are they warm? Are they running a fever? Now, imagine instead of reading all of that, you have those thoughts speeding through your mind all at once on repeat. That is what trying to make sense of their cries would be like at first.

Have a sit down with your nanny before she leaves and ask her to help you learn what your baby’s cries and cues are supposed to mean and how or what you can do to soothe or comfort your baby when they do cry.

Closing Words

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If you can get all five points above, congratulations, you’re more or less ready for when your confinement nanny leaves. Now, go celebrate by soaking in a confinement herbal bath…oh? You don’t know how to run one? Well, then, better add that to the list of things you need to get your confinement nanny to show you how to do before she leaves.

With all that’s said and done, it would be funny if you are that sort of person who likes to prepare well in advance for all eventualities and are just looking this up to prepare yourself ahead of time, but in reality are only in the first or second trimester of your pregnancy. Hey, it happens.If that’s the case with you, then it might be of significant interest to you that you can stop looking for “confinement package Singapore” now. This is due to the fact that we’ve got well over 460 active nannies who are just waiting to help you breeze through your recovery. With over 30 years of experience under our belts, your confinement can find no better hands! So, what are you waiting for? Browse our website to enquire further now.