What Should A Confinement Nanny Provide?

We are all familiar with what a confinement nanny is. She is a caregiver for women who have just given birth to allow them to rest and recover properly during confinement while also helping them take care of their babies. While that used to be their focus back in the day, today, the job scope of a confinement nanny has evolved to include more responsibilities. 

So what exactly are the services of a confinement nanny? It actually depends on what you agree on beforehand, prior to booking the services of one. But generally, these are what a confinement nanny can provide you, courtesy of PEM Confinement Nanny Agency.

Day & Night Baby Care

As confinement is meant for a mother to recuperate, she would need help with taking care of her newborn in order to get the rest she needs. A confinement nanny would be able to take the baby off her hands while she gets her needed recovery time. With a live-in nanny, you won’t have to worry about your baby not having adequate attention because she will step up to her duties and provide round-the-clock care, including feeding, changing diapers, cleaning, updating baby’s daily log, and night feeding.

Confinement Food

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Nutrition is of utmost importance during confinement as that is when a mother needs to get all the nourishment she can get for her body to heal and prevent potential ailments in the future. So, a confinement nanny will prepare confinement meals for her and also do basic cleaning of the kitchen after meals.

Breastfeeding Guidance

Breastfeeding can take some time to get used to for both mother and child. The newborn might not latch on properly, the mother may not be able to supply sufficient milk, or it may be difficult to find the right position. But all these issues are not without a solution, and a confinement nanny equipped with experience, whether personal or professional, would be able to assist the mother in breastfeeding by providing guidance and help in nursing her newborn.

Newborn Care Guidance

For first-time mothers, motherhood is a rocky road, especially at the initial stage when everything is new and experience is next to nothing. And even with experience, the journey of being a mother is not easy as every baby is different. So, a confinement nanny is there to provide tips and knowledge on baby care. The best part is if they’re anything like our confinement nannies at PEM Confinement Nanny Agency, you know you’ll get the best advice as they’re professionally trained.

Confinement Herbal Tonics

Consuming confinement food is not the only way to help with recovery. Having herbal tonics can help with dispelling the wind from the body and bring you energy too. But it can be quite a hassle to prepare it for yourself. With a Chinese confinement lady by your side, however, you need not worry about it as she will prepare and brew them herbal tonics and also tea for you.

Confinement Bath

Baths can be very soothing and comforting, but it is believed that women in confinement should not wash their hair or to some extreme, shower. This is not true though as hygiene is vital in ensuring no skin-related issues arise from the lack of it, such as rashes and skin sensitivities. But baths are not just for cleanliness. To make baths even more effective, confinement bathing herbs are a must as they help to improve blood circulation, dispel wind, ease birth pain, and relax your body, and if you sign up for a confinement nanny package, you have someone to prepare confinement bathing herbs for you to wash up with.

Laundry for Mother & Baby, and Domestic Chores

Having a baby often means that your full attention is on your little one, leaving little to no time to think about house chores. But you can’t exactly allow your living spaces to become inhabitable with dirt and grime. So if you look through confinement nanny reviews, you’ll be able to see that confinement nannies can help you with those chores. Your selected nanny will do the laundry, including washing, hanging and folding the clothes. To make it even better, she will hand wash your baby’s clothes as they are very delicate. In addition, she can help with sweeping and mopping the floor up to twice a week. This way, you can focus on yourself and your baby without worrying about chores.

A confinement nanny may not necessarily provide all of the above services if you do not require it. But it helps to know that they are able to, so that you can align them with your needs. And if you’re still unsure, you can always read confinement nanny reviews to get a better sense of what the job of a confinement nanny entails, or check us out here.

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