What Do New Moms Do During Confinement?

Some moms might find postpartum confinement an uncharted sea to them as it is their first time experiencing it and you might be one of them. This then begs the question, what do new moms do during confinement? Are there any super tips to breeze through this stage? What should you do to make the most out of this experience? Well, clear your thoughts now and wonder no more because we have you covered! This article might give you an idea of what new moms commonly do during their postpartum period.

Eat Healthily

One of the most important things that new moms do while going through their confinement is to have a clear idea on which food to eat during confinement. During this stage, it is important to eat healthily because your body will need all the nutrients it can get in order to recover better and to fulfil its lactational capability to feed your newborn. Plus, it is also very common for new moms to be fatigued when juggling between their own health, baby, chores and her family in general. Thus, being properly nourished and not skipping meals is a must so that your body will be able to function properly throughout your daily routine. Foods such as braised sesame chicken, ginseng nourishing soup and braised pork trotter with black vinegar are great for your postpartum recovery. It provides a healthy amount of nutrient and protein needed by your body to repair tissue and develop muscles. Also, having a confinement soup would be great for postpartum recovery as it helps improves your mood and boosts your physical recovery!

Have Enough Sleep

We can never stress enough how resting and getting enough sleep is important to your recovery when in confinement. While your baby does need your full attention and care, the same can be said about your body as well. Getting enough sleep or being properly rested would help improve your mood immensely and this would also be key in treating baby blues. Plus, the first few weeks after your delivery is crucial and this is where you are trying to establish a proper breastfeeding routine for your baby too. Therefore, you should rest whenever you can. Get your partner or family members to look after your little bundle of joy when you are resting. You might be surprised at how a simple step could do so many wonders for you!

Get Postnatal Massages

Whether you opt to rest well, eat healthily, or pamper yourself with a few good sessions of postnatal massages. All of the aforementioned methods are viable in improving your health and speed up your postpartum recovery. However, you might want to give your body the care it deserves through a proper postnatal massage done by an experienced masseuse. It helps in improving your postnatal recovery, getting your body toned back to its pre-pregnancy state, enhancing your sleep quality by greatly easing muscle tension and stress reduction. Furthermore, postnatal massages also help improve your breastfeeding issues by relaxing your muscles that are affected by breastfeeding issues. Getting a postnatal massage would help with clearing your blocked ducts and engorgements and indirectly improve the flow of your breast milk.

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Have Enough Me Time

It can be very easy for new mommies to get overwhelmed and overloaded with new sets of tasks and responsibilities that come with the baby. Sometimes, all you needed to clear your thoughts and rejuvenate your mind is to simply have some time for yourself. Leave the reins to your partner once in awhile, maybe ask for help from your family, you can also opt for a confinement nanny to help out while you are away. You can also get confinement bathing herbs for yourself. A good, relaxing, therapeutic and aromatic bath could keep you calm and refreshed. Take this opportunity to spoil yourself, go read a book, get a massage, have your favourite food, a little “me time”  could go a long way in helping you re-organise your thoughts and keep your body relaxed!

Breastfeeding and Bonding with Your Newborn

One of the best ways to establish intimacy and a stronger bond with your little bundle of joy is to breastfeed them. Why? This is because your body releases oxytocin every time you breastfeed? It is a love hormone which promotes intimacy between you and your baby. During this process, your baby would gain not only nutrition but also comfort as well. As they feel safe and secured from being cradled, they would develop trust in you. Plus, your baby will also grow more familiar with your presence and this will make it easier to care for them. Moreover, breastfeeding helps in lowering the risk for your child to develop allergies and boost their immune system as well. But that’s not all, breastfeeding is good for your child’s psychological development as this process would encourage emotional bond and attachment. In case you are in need of more breastfeeding-related tools, MumChecked would be a great outlet for you to shop online! 
In conclusion, these are the things you can do to improve your postpartum recovery and experience. Looking after your child is an important matter but so does look after yourself as well. Give these tips a try and see how they would work out for you!


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