Ways You Can Prevent Sleepless Nights

Tending to a newborn can be a difficult task. You need sufficient sleep a day for your physical and emotional health. You risk postnatal complications if you are not getting adequate sleep.

Although you should not neglect your responsibilities as a mother, it is important that you take good care of your health too.

There are various reasons why a new mother may stay awake all night. It could be due to a crying baby, overthinking, or paranoia, or overthinking.

Having proper sleep and a consistent sleep pattern is helpful for your mental and physical health.

It is important to note that babies do not have regular sleep patterns. Tonight, they might be up at 2am in the morning, and tomorrow might be 11pm.

These irregular patterns can be frustrating at times because you have no idea what to expect.

However, some remedies could help you solve the problem. Here are some tips to help you get better sleep after your child is born.

Comfy Nappies

In most cases, your baby will cry because they feel uncomfortable in their diapers.

If you want to have longer, uninterrupted sleep, make sure you dress your child in comfortable nappies.

There are plenty of highly absorbent and comfortable nappies in the market that will be a great help for your baby (and you!) to get better sleep.

Understand when your baby is sleepy and get your nappies ready. Wrap them up before they sleep.

Do not disturb your newborn when asleep because it is hard for a baby to fall asleep after being woken up.

Train Your Baby to Have Regular Sleep Patterns

It is already a well-known fact that newborns can’t sleep through the night.

Luckily, babies usually start to establish regular sleep patterns around the 3rd to 6th months, although it might be different from an adult’s sleep pattern.

By then, you can help your newborn to develop sleep patterns by following a few simple steps.

First of all, watch out for signs that your baby is tired, which could be your baby yawning, rubbing the eyes, or fussing.

Put your baby to sleep as soon as you recognize these signs as an overtired baby will have a hard time falling and staying asleep.

Apart from this, you can help your baby to recognize between day and night by setting the atmosphere.

For example, keep things stimulating for your baby during day time. Meanwhile, keep the sound soft and the room dimmed when it is night time.

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Share Responsibilities

Though you might be extensively engaged in caring for the baby, the responsibility should not be solely yours.

Allow your spouse, family members, or a confinement nanny to share the role with you. In particular, you will be surprised with the significance of confinement nanny on your sleep quality.

Your confinement nanny will help with all night time feeding and baby care duties so that you get as much uninterrupted sleep as possible.

With a confinement nanny, you don’t have to be awake every time your baby is awake.

During day time when you need a quick nap, you could leave your baby under the nanny’s or your family members’ care for a while.

You will be surprised how helpful and supportive the people around you can be.

Avoid Having Visitors During Rest Hours

Having guests coming over to visit during your rest hours can affect you and your baby’s quality of sleep.

Not to mention the overwhelming attention from visitors may cause your baby to cry from overstimulation, making it harder for the baby to fall asleep.

When you know it’s time for both of you to rest, avoid having guests in the house.

One tip is to let your guests know in advance when it is the best time to visit. This will allow your baby to be more well-rested, so that you won’t have to wake up too often.

Seek Professional Advice

If you are finding it hard to fall asleep and have proper rest on your own even after several tries, consider getting professional advice from your doctor.

As these medical professionals have helped many people with similar conditions, they would be able to detect the issues with your sleep patterns more accurately.

Be as detailed as possible during your consultation session so that your doctor will be able to give you the most effective solution.

Lack of sleep is a common issue among new moms. But with the right methods, the situation can be greatly improved.

Closing Words

Remember to keep your expectations realistic, as it is normal for newborns to have unusual sleep patterns during the first few months and be prepared for some sleepless nights newborn keeps awake you (yeah, we know that sentence didn’t sound too grammatical, but our writer also has a newborn to take care of which is why we have left that sentence in to illustrate the effects of sleep deprivation).

Just remember to be patient, take time to relax (e.g.: with a confinement herbal bath), and get help from the people around you.

With the right mindset and approach, both you and your baby will be getting more high quality sleep in no time.

Should you need some help in your journey, you could consider approaching a nanny agency or hiring a highly trained and experienced Singaporean confinement nanny.