Ways to Soothe your Crying Baby

There’s no escaping the fact that babies cry. However, it’s often quite frustrating for a new parent when the newborn does not stop crying. What could be the problem? Not knowing the cause of your baby’s persistent crying can be enough to drive you crazy. Often, an experienced and skilful confinement nanny always able to effectively soothe a crying baby without any hassle, and such meticulous touch will allow them to sleep and grow better.

Because babies cannot talk, crying is their main form of communication to draw your attention and state their specific needs. Of course, there are many reasons behind your child’s crying. Some reasons include fatigue, dirty diaper, colic, surrounding noise, fear of strangers, sickness, sleepiness and so on.

A new parent may be concerned that their parenting skills are not up to standard because of their newborn’s persistent whimpering. It’s worth mentioning that you can handle your baby’s crying well if you know how to soothe the baby. In some cases, your baby might not be sleeping well in during night time, discomforts from bad sleeping habits can caused them to create tantrums. There are different ways to calm down a crying newborn. While not every method is going to work for your babies all the time, the following fuss-busters can afford you some much-needed respite.

Soothing sounds

While loud noises may cause your baby to start crying, mellow sounds may help soothe her. Your baby was accustomed to the deafening sounds inside the womb. Newborns are usually stuck on white noise because it reminds them of their previous home. Examples of white noise include household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, the radio or shushing sounds to her ears. Make sure the white noise is louder than your baby’s crying. White noise will help calm her down and even induce baby sleep.

Mellow motion

Your baby may calm down when they experience rhythmic movements, such as being rocked in an infant swing, or a rocking chair. Swing your baby in your arms for a few minutes, and she might stop crying. Place your baby in a stroller and step outside for a walk. The outdoors might distract her from crying. Try out various smooth movements to see which one calms your infant best.

Skin-to-skin contact

Newborns love human touch. In fact, skin-to-skin contact is far better compared to normal cuddling. When the baby is pressed against her mom’s chest and listening to her heartbeat, she feels like she’s in the womb. Moreover, the skin-to-skin contact with her mother brings about the warmth she previously felt while in the womb. Findings have shown that babies who share skin-to-skin snuggles with their mothers cry less and breathe better. This also works well with fathers. Newborns enjoy the tactile sensation of daddy’s chest.


Swaddling is an ancient technique of snugly wrapping your newborn in a blanket. This technique generates a little pressure around the baby’s body, thereby promoting the sense of security and safety. The feeling is similar to the pressure she used to feel while in the uterus or womb. Consequently, it may help your infant to sleep. However, remember that some newborns don’t love being swaddled. Their reactions can give you an indication of that.

While swaddling, leave enough room for your baby to move his legs around. Do not wrap her too tightly, or else she may develop hip complications, such as hip dysplasia.


If your baby is fond of crying persistently, try out any of the techniques mentioned above and you may soon see her calm down.

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