Ways To Choose A Confinement Lady

Becoming a new mom introduces you to a whole new set of challenges that you will face at different stages of your baby’s growth, some of which you may not be prepared for. It is easy for parents to feel overwhelmed having a newborn in the house, especially if you and your spouse are not getting an external helping hand — gone are the days when you can sleep through the whole night without being interrupted.

A confinement lady will be able to help you through this difficult process and assist you with different chores during your confinement period. However, there are some basics that you need to know while you are looking for the right nanny to engage with. This post highlights how a new mother can choose the right nanny to help her.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Confinement Nanny

Agency v Freelance

The first step in this quest is to find a reputable confinement nanny in Singapore. With one or two days of trial, you can make a better decision as to whether you wish to engage the nanny. Make sure that the nanny you choose is knowledgeable in terms of babysitting and can handle different household chores. The nanny should be able to care for both the baby and the mother.

Many parents would prefer to go with an agency because an agency would normally have their own standards that need to be met by the nannies. Their nannies would be trained with the most updated knowledge and skills on maternity and newborn care to make sure they are also able to guide new parents with the latest information. Some common training a confinement nanny will receive from their agency includes cooking and preparing confinement meals, bathing a newborn, and putting a baby to sleep.

Confinement Nanny Training in PEM Confinement

On top of their guaranteed standards, your employment process will also go easier with an agency because various things will be settled on your behalf. For instance, your confinement nanny work permit will be applied for you by the agency. If you do not have much time to handle such matters one by one, leaving it all to the agency would be a good option. 


Ensure that you have hired a nanny who is in good health, understanding, and has a good attitude, as you will trust them with the care of your baby and yourself. They must be trustworthy and have a positive character. Ideally, she should also have the necessary skills and experience in postnatal care and have the ability to agree to changes and accept new things.


Members of a family may have different opinions regarding whether to hire a confinement nanny or not, so try to have this discussion with your spouse first. In the event of any conflicts, you may consider finding other options instead of hiring a confinement nanny. If you are already getting extra help from someone else, such as your parent, mother-in-law, or a domestic helper, you may want to rethink whether you need a confinement nanny. Of course, the nanny will bring in more benefits that others do not really have, so opting for them is still a good option.

Some mothers may be very particular about the nanny, while others are more relaxed regarding their requirements. You need to let the confinement nanny agency know your list of requirements so as to help them select the most suitable sitter for you. Most importantly, learn the confinement nanny duties so you are not expecting too little or too much of them.


Ensure that the agency is registered and has all the necessary licenses and documents. It is okay to ask about these with them as well so do not feel bad to the point you do not ask for this information. For further information, you should ask about their personnel qualification level. When signing an agreement or contract, take note of all the terms and conditions, and if something is not clear to you, be sure to ask for clarification before signing the documents.


When interviewing the nanny, you should prepare a set of questions to ask, allowing you to determine their level of professionalism. You can ask them questions like; What are your principles in taking care of a newborn? What food should the newborn be eating after one week? What are some of the confinement meals you can prepare well? 

When they arrive at your place to work, you can also provide more specific possible scenarios and ask for their solutions. For instance, if your newborn cries all night long, what would the nanny do? How will they encourage you to breastfeed if your baby is not latching properly? All of these are valid questions, and a confinement nanny should be able to answer them easily.


To make sure you are paying a reasonable amount for the confinement nanny service, you can do your research on the average Singapore confinement nanny cost. If you need clarification on any amount being charged to you, check with the agency immediately to avoid any misunderstanding or dispute later on. Both of you should agree on the amount that is fair for both parties involved.


Ensure you read through and agree to the confinement nanny duties stated in your booking documentation to avoid any discrepancy between your expectations and the actual tasks of the nanny. On the day your nanny reports to work, you can have her explain to you her duties again. This way, you can know whether your nanny fully understands her duties. For instance, duties like having a confinement food menu planned for you should also be included for the nanny to prepare nutritious meals for you daily.


Based on MOM’s requirements, your nanny has to be staying in a room when offering her service at your home. In the event that she has to share rooms with other members of your family, make sure she is not sharing a room with any males in the house. Furthermore, your nanny will need to have a separate mattress to sleep on. This can help the nanny to be more well-rested in performing her duties and can prevent the nanny from disturbing others during night baby care and feeding as well.

We hope this guide has helped you a little on how to choose a professional confinement nanny, as well as the things you need to take note of during the process. With the right support, you will be able to transition smoothly into your role as a mother to a new life


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