Top Soups to Take During Confinement

Confinement is the period after a mum goes through childbirth. During delivery, there is a loss of blood and appetite. Breastfeeding is vital for the new born baby, and thus a mother needs a lot of care to generate enough milk for the baby. New mommies require quality nutritious diet for the sake of the child and their full recovery. During confinement, there are essential soups that are capable of boosting milk and breastfeeding.

After delivery, there is evidence that the milk comes out at a moderate pace for around 3 to 20 days. Within this period, the mother recovers from the delivery shock. At this moment, some mothers undergo a lot of struggle and end up dropping the idea of breastfeeding. A balanced confinement diet paired with Confinement soup help a mother absorb the delivery shock quickly, and this boosts the milk thus enabling the mother to breastfeed comfortably. Some herbal soup for confinement can be complex to prepare, however there are confinement agencies in Singapore that pre-prep confinement soups the herbal dried good readily for brewing.

Here are compilations of top 5 common soups that a mother can take during confinement:

Chicken soup

Post-delivery is a risky time as there may be a lot of different ailments and complications in the body. Some mothers experience hips and pelvic muscle ache, repeated nausea, while others battle with severe abdominal pain. Chicken Soup served with rice and Cloud Ear Fungus is amazingly great. They are rich in water and fiber which aids bowel movement as well as replenishing the lost calcium during the gestation period. The chicken soup is an excellent source of warmth, especially on a cold evening or day. This is probably the most popular soup prepared by Confinement Nannies.

Black beans soup

A baby’s delivery results in a huge loss of blood for the mother. This loss of blood may make a mother feel the effects of anaemia coming in, including dizziness and shortness of breath. Black bean soup mixed with pork ribs and peanuts is an excellent recipe to prepare. This wonderful recipe will not only replenish your blood cells but also boost your energy levels during confinement. Black beans and peanuts are plentiful in proteins, and thus the soup is healthy throughout the day.

Lotus roots soup

Adding papaya as an additive in lotus roots soup serves as a natural sweetener, and also helps in boosting milk production for the breastfeeding mothers. You can take the soup plainly or over a plate of plain rice which makes a delicious lunch or dinner. The soup helps in keeping you warm as well as boosting breastfeeding.

Black dates soup

Black dates are always available in Singapore. Black dates soup is helpful in replacement of the blood lost during delivery. They are rich in iron, and so it is essential for anaemic mothers. They also contain a high content of dietary fibre, vitamin B, and proteins. Black dates also promote bowel movement and are an excellent source of antioxidants.

Mutton Soup

Mutton soup is healthy and has a lot of Iron that can be easily absorbed by the body. Iron is said to promote regeneration of the red blood cells. Confinement nannies usually prepare mutton soup for new mothers as Mutton Soup are also known as one of the “Heaty” soups around, which is perfect for confinement mummies.

The above soups are among the best and healthy soups for any breastfeeding mother. The health benefits in these soups serve various purposes. These soups have been found to add nutritional value to both the mother and the new-born. Singapore is a country rich in these soups ingredients’ and there are many confinement nannies that are experienced in preparing these soups. As a new mother, you will definitely face little problem in following a nutritious diet for yourself.

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