Tips To Help You Handle Stress During Your Lactation Period

Let us face it. The stress and trauma of bearing a young one will not stop at the labor ward. If you have just given birth to your little prince or princess, your life will never be the same again! You have gone through the nine months and endured all the pain and pressures of pregnancy. You feel that the biggest part is over and a new and beautiful phase has just started. The truth, however, is that what you have covered during the prenatal period is just a small milestone in your motherhood journey.

The journey has just begun, and you need to prepare yourself for what lies ahead. Your newborn will require milk to survive since she is not yet ready for solid food at least for the first six months where exclusive breastfeeding is recommended. You will realize that breastfeeding is not wired in your brain. Your body may not necessarily start producing milk immediately after your child is born. If you thought your maternity instincts would just kick off and you can start breastfeeding effortlessly, you are in for a surprise.

Eventually, you will realize that breastfeeding is not all about your maternal instinct. You require skills and practice. However, you can still enjoy your rest period if you reduce your stress levels. Here are some tips for you:

Take time to rest
Your body will experience immense fatigue after childbirth. Things will not get any easier once you start nursing your baby. She will require your attention at all times. She may be cranky at times for no apparent reason and will require your attention all the time. Failure to take rest may result in depression. No matter how demanding your child is, it is important to take some time and rest. You will require the support of your family members or a confinement nanny to help you take care of the baby to allow you time to rest.

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Seek confinement services
It may be difficult for you to handle all the pressure associated with childbirth and lactation. Your house chores may also be difficult for you to handle after delivery. With wounds to heal, an exhausted body and an infant who requires your attention full time, seeking help from a confinement nanny may be an excellent idea for you.

You can visit a credible confinement center in Singapore and ask for a professional nanny who will help you handle the transition. With their training, you will enjoy peace of mind since a professional will be in charge of your home. You can also enjoy sumptuous meals that will boost your milk production.

Massage services
If you have not yet had a professional massage after delivery, it is time you considered one. The massage will help ease the tension in your body. It will also help relax clogged nipples and veins on your breasts. The message has the power to leave your body feeling relaxed and boost blood circulation throughout the body. Arrange for a massage with a confinement center and get the massage right at your home.

Go slow on yourself
There can be too much pressure coming from all corners regarding motherhood, and how to go about it. Your relatives and friends will give you all sorts of unsolicited advice on how to breastfeed and nurse your baby. Some of them will even make you doubt your maternity capabilities. If you find yourself in such a situation, stand firm against such advice and have boundaries. Do not allow people to invade your personal space. Treat yourself with kindness and pat your back for a job well done. It takes strength and sacrifices to carry a pregnancy and nurse an infant. Therefore, give yourself some credit and nurse your baby.

Use these tips and enjoy a smooth lactation period. While at it, keep stress at bay as it interferes with milk production. Occasionally create some time alone and enjoy a walk in your neighborhood to catch some fresh air.