Things to Prepare Before the Nanny Arrives at Your House

The parenthood journey is always filled with joy, and it’s beginning is usually marked by a confinement period. Having supportive help around you during confinement is beneficial for your mental and physical healing. In situations where your spouse or family members could not be around, a confinement nanny can be the best company for you. She can help you to transition smoother to your role and responsibility. 

A well-trained and experienced nanny can give various useful advice on how to take care of the baby and mother. While confinement nanny services is not a must for a mother, engaging with one ensures both you and your baby’s needs during the first month will be well taken care of. Now, before your nanny arrives at your house, there are a few things you need to prepare.

Baby’s Products

One of the main roles of your confinement nanny is taking care of your little one. Having all baby’s products in place when your nanny arrives at your house allows her to get into her role quicker and smoother. With so many different kinds of baby products in the market, it’s normal to feel like you don’t know where to start. Plan your shopping together with your husband for a second opinion. Here are some of the baby essentials that you can prepare for your baby:

  1.           Feeding and cleaning equipment (e.g. feeding bottles, sterilizer)
  2.           Nursing and milk storage equipment (e.g. breast pump, milk storage bag)
  3.           Bathing & skin care products (e.g. bathtub, powder puffs)
  4.           Healthcare products (e.g. nasal aspirator, nail clippers)
  5.           Baby outfit (e.g. mittens and booties, onesies)
  6.           Baby laundry detergent (e.g. detergent and softener)
  7.           Diapering essentials (e.g. diapers, nappy cream, changing mat)
  8.           Bedding (e.g. baby cot, blankets, swaddle, comforters)


One of the job scopes of a confinement nanny is taking care of your confinement meals. Usually, your nanny will cook 3 meals a day for you. Other than that, she will prepare red dates tea and bathing herbs for you. In order to make the preparation of daily meals smoother, you or your partner can prepare some groceries in advance. 

  1.           Vegetables, meat, and fish – so that you have balanced nutrition during the confinement period. 
  2.           Herbal herbs – to be included in your meals and herbal soups to help with faster recovery.
  3.           Red dates – to brew daily red dates tea and herbal soup for you.

These are some of the basic groceries that need to be prepared. Certain ingredients such as dried scallop and wine are optional depending on your preference. With the help of a professional confinement nanny, you can rest assured that you will have nourishing and delicious food for confinement.

Room for Nanny

Your nanny needs sufficient rest in order to provide the best care for you and your baby. Before she arrives, you will need to arrange a room for her as she will be staying at your house during your confinement period. To ensure your nanny can attend to your baby’s needs throughout the night immediately, you may have your nanny’s room nearby your baby’s room or have your nanny sleep in the same room as your baby. Prepare a separate mattress for her so that she won’t disturb any of your family members when she wakes up during the night.

Work Permit

Most of the nannies who work in Singapore are foreigners. Some mothers might not know that hiring a nanny needs to apply for a work permit. To apply for the confinement nanny work permit, you as the employer will need to submit the application form and pay a levy fee. If you are hiring a nanny from an agency, the agency will assist with the application of a work permit.

Welcoming your little one into your home requires a lot of early preparation in many aspects, so we hope this guide will help you get things ready before your confinement nanny is here. That said, do remember to get enough rest, and get your partner and family members to help out along the way. So that when it’s finally the day to meet your little one, all of you will be fully ready!

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