[Review] Roles of a PEM Confinement Nanny


Tina Loh

social media influencer and mum of 2

Tina Loh is a social media influencer and a proud mum of two boys. She loves all things under the sun, ranging from food, beauty to travelling. Before embarking on her motherhood journey, she enjoyed travelling to exotic places like East Timor and Fiji.

After becoming a mum, I realised that there is a job that I would never want to do. That is, being a confinement nanny

It is such a huge responsibility to take care of a precious little life and so limited time to rest. It doesn’t help that both my little ones fuss whenever they sense that they were no longer carried. I must say that being a confinement nanny is certainly tough. 

Here is the long list of tasks that a nanny has to handle on a daily basis:

(1) Preparation of Nutritious Confinement Food (Including Herbal Soup and Red Date Tea)

I always tell my nanny that she is a masterchef. Just take a look at the spread she prepared! 


(2) Preparation of Confinement Bath With Traditional Bathing Herbs to Help Improve Blood Circulation

I am sure you have heard of the old wives’ tale of not touching water during confinement and if you were to do so, use herbal water. My nanny starts preparing the water early in the morning since we need to use boiled water and there is really a lot of water involved!

(3) Taking Care of Baby 24/7

Hands down to confinement nannies to be able to survive one whole month without proper sleep at night. I really appreciate both my nannies for this and this is also an important reason why I decided to engage a confinement nanny again for my second child as it is super important to ensure that I can get adequate rest to replenish and recuperate after childbirth. Till this date, I still remember my husband asking me if my first confinement nanny was a superwoman as he has never seen her sleep. 

(4) Laundry for Mother and Baby

Both my nannies hand wash my boys’ clothes. With them soiling themselves (especially the poonamis), you can imagine the amount of laundry involved. 

(5) Advice and Tips on Confinement Practices

I was never a firm believer of many traditional confinement practices. However, I was glad that the PEM confinement nannies would remind me of them. I recall how my first nanny would nag at me when I don’t dry my hair properly after showering and I appreciate it. Definitely didn’t want to regret thereafter when I ache all over!

(6) Bathing and Feeding of Newborn

Were you ever told that a baby can sense whether you were confident or not? As such, some babies will cry when they are handled by inexperienced individuals, especially new mums. 

For both kids, I make it a point to learn from the nannies how to bathe and feed them so that I wouldn’t suffer when the nannies leave. 

(7) Breastfeeding Guidance

I am so thankful that PEM confinement nannies are trained on proper latching methods as well as various breastfeeding positions. I find this extremely helpful, especially when I had my first boy!

(8) Sterilisation of Pump Parts and Baby Items

For me, pumping helps to stimulate milk production and you definitely need to pump if you hope to build up a milk stash. However, with constant pumping comes the need to wash a lot of pump parts. This is when a nanny comes in extremely handy as well. 

(9) Changing of Baby Diapers

This may seem menial but imagine times when there’s a poonami or when your baby boy decides to surprise you and pee when you open the diaper. Guess what? I have experienced both and when it happens, you would wish that you still have your confinement nanny around. 

As you can see, this list is really long and I am no doubt thankful that I have engaged nanny services from PEM for my two bubs. 

Stay tuned for my final post!


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