[Review] Life After Confinement Nanny


Tina Loh

social media influencer and mum of 2

Tina Loh is a social media influencer and a proud mum of two boys. She loves all things under the sun, ranging from food, beauty to travelling. Before embarking on her motherhood journey, she enjoyed travelling to exotic places like East Timor and Fiji.

How do I live without you?

This song by LeAnn Rimes was constantly looping in my mind before the confinement nanny for our firstborn left. Having been a first time mom before, I can perfectly understand how it feels when someone you have relied on for one whole month has to eventually bid goodbye. 

This time round, equipped with my experience from my first child, I must say that I am definitely coping much better after nanny left.

I am not sure about you but for me, learning was not just about watching but being hands on. A huge regret that many mummies had was not allocating enough time to learn the ropes from the confinement nanny when she was still around. 

I find that spending the first three weeks to rest and recuperate, and then learning hands on from the third week works well. By then, the nanny would have figured out your baby’s temperament and preferences and could share useful tips with you. You would also have sufficiently recovered from childbirth to do things like showering the baby. 

Here is the list of things we have “inherited” from our nanny while she was here.

(1) Baby Care

Top on the list would definitely be baby care. Besides the usual routine like showering and feeding, my baby enjoys the nanny’s massage sessions and we even recorded videos of the various massage techniques and continued with them after nanny left. 

(2) Cooking

Our nanny is such a great cook that she would likely win if she joined Masterchef! As we just hired a helper, we made use of the golden opportunity for the nanny to teach her how to cook and I am glad that she could whip up pretty decent Chinese dishes now.

(3) Breastfeeding Tips


Every child is different. I managed to side latch my first born to sleep very early on. However, my second one did not like this breastfeeding position at all. With my confinement nanny‘s many years of experience, she provided me guidance to ensure that the baby latches on well. She is just like my personal lactation consultation! 

Having been through the post-confinement period twice, I truly understand how tough it would be, especially the night feeds. Let’s all hang in there together. We can all do it! 


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