Recovering From C-Section: How Confinement Nannies Can Help

A C-section birth is a risky business. It is more dangerous for both mother and child, and it requires a longer recovery period as compared to natural birth. This is why mothers need even more care and support while they recuperate, typically 4 to 6 weeks after they give birth.

Now, some of us do not have the luxury or privilege of having someone at home care for us while we recover from childbirth. This is where a confinement nanny can step in and play a part in your recovery journey. It is very common today for mothers to either stay at confinement centres or pay for hired help at home during the confinement period. This is because confinement nannies are extremely helpful and are able to ease some of the challenges that mothers experience after a baby is born, especially after a C-section.

So, how exactly do confinement nannies help? Here are our top 5 reasons.

1. They prepare confinement food

Your body is at one of its weakest moments after a C-section. You will need all the nutrition you can get to regain your strength, bring up your immunity, and get your body healing in the best condition. With a confinement nanny, you won’t need to worry about your meals. She will take care of all the cooking for you. She knows the best traditional dishes that are nutritious and great at boosting breast milk—killing two birds with one stone. 

2. They take care of your baby

Baby care is no easy task. Looking after your baby after a C-section is not impossible, but it takes a lot more than one can imagine. But what about you? You need some looking after as well. And of course, you need rest, as much as possible. This is where a confinement nanny comes in. With her knowledge and experience, she will know how to handle your little one while allowing you to have adequate rest. Remember not to feel guilty and think that you’re having it easy because what you’re doing is essentially preparing your body for future battles as a mother.

3. They prepare confinement baths

An essential routine during confinement is having confinement baths. A confinement bath includes traditional herbs that help with removing wind from the body, improve blood circulation, strengthen muscles, and generally help one relax. If you have a confinement nanny by your side, you can leave it to her as she will prepare the baths for you every day with just the right ingredients and at the optimal temperature.

4. They support you in breastfeeding

If you are new to motherhood, everything is a new experience, especially breastfeeding. There is a whole learning curve to it, from getting your baby to latch on to actually breastfeeding to maintaining a good flow of breast milk. It can be quite difficult for a new mother. But with a confinement nanny tending to you, you will be able to learn from her experience, particularly if her expertise is in the breastfeeding realm. Even experienced mothers would be able to learn a thing or two from a knowledgeable confinement nanny. 

5. They help with some house chores

So, picture this. You’re resting, taking care of your baby, and your husband’s off to work. It might seem like the perfect picture until… Hang on. The laundry isn’t done, the floor is dusty, and everything’s a mess. But you’re not supposed to be moving around so much and doing the heavy work. Your C-section cut will not allow it. Not to worry. Your confinement nanny is here to your rescue. House chores are sometimes considered as an add-on service. Hence, if you wish to have the job of house chores covered by her, you can always make sure it is included in her service package.

Recovering From C-Section: How Confinement Nannies Can Help

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