Must-Read Tips For Independent Mothers

While there are your usual stay-home moms, there are also super-moms around. If you fancy yourself to be in the latter category do not be misled into thinking you can manage the entire postpartum period on your own. With forty weeks of pregnancy and the drain of child delivery just behind you, it’s inevitable to yearn for rest. The truth is, your body needs all the rest it can get, and you owe it to yourself, and your family to get some.

So don’t be shocked at the proposal of a confinement nanny to help around the house so that you can get your much-needed share of rest. But even so, some independent moms want to control everything that happens even during the first few weeks post-delivery.

If that’s you, read on and find out what will ease your burden into the new role as a mom.

Plan and Prepare Early

Early preparation for the baby is not just about getting stuff during the second or third trimester of your pregnancy. You need to look into two vital areas in order to be well prepared.

First, it’s the food. Ensure you have an array of reliable confinement food catering providers in Singapore and plan to have a sufficient supply of healthy confinement meals. Ensure your nutrition is well-taken care of for at least a month before the baby is due.

Afterwards, you should get help around the house. Even if you might be a supermom, you still need aid from a confinement nanny or your trusted loved ones to help you with the tasks around the house – at least for the first few weeks.

You need to focus your time and energy on the baby and recuperation, not on endless house tasks. The benefits of a confinement nanny don’t just end there. Most of them are experienced in preparing confinement meals, therefore, you can get extra help in preparing your confinement food menu.

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Keep Your Support Networks Close

Postpartum hormones can get to you. When they start stirring you up, you need someone close to support you and serve you a bowl of special traditional confinement soup made from Ginseng and red dates.

These ingredients are common in Chinese confinement food in Singapore and along with the company; they’ll help restore you mentally.

Maximize on Resting Opportunities

We’ve said it before we cannot stress this enough as it is critical to have sufficient rest. As a new mom, more specifically, a supermom, you may want to work continuously even when the baby takes a nap.

Though there’s nothing wrong with being independent and hardworking, you shouldn’t torture yourself and rest as much as possible, especially when the baby lies down for a nap.

Remember, you deserve it and you need it.

Don’t be Too Hard on Yourself

So you left out a couple of things or didn’t get the perfect confinement food menu. Big deal!

Don’t be too hard on yourself. No two babies are alike and certainly, no one expects you to hit a perfect score especially if you are a supermom because even you have your limits that you shouldn’t exceed.

So, do yourself a favour and don’t bite your lip because you don’t have the right colour diapers. Instead, hire a confinement nanny to help you around to make things easier for you.

Make Time for You and Your Baby

Naturally, as an independent mom, you would want to start doing all the chores in the house to make sure that the interior is spotless.

Though it is crucial for you to do your duty as a new mother and wife, doing so can steal your attention from what is important – the baby and you. Make time from your busy schedule to spoil yourself and to bond with the baby. It may seem like nothing much, but a little effort goes a long way, and it is actually one of the simplest secrets to happy parenthood.

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